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CSR Super Bowl Recipe Open Thread

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Looking for any last minute recipe ideas? Is there a classic you've never made like, say bar-b-que chicken wings? Well we have a couple to pick from plus I'm asking other fans out there to post their best recipes.

From Arrowhead Pride we have chicken wings grilled with a rub of spices:

Super Bowl recipes: These chicken wings will make you the star of the party - Arrowhead Pride

Get a bowl and put these spices in there together -- the pepper (two tablespoons), onion powder (one tablespoon), chili powder (one tablespoon), garlic powder (one tablespoon) and seasoned salt (one tablespoon). This is your rub. You will coat the chicken wings -- this recipe is for about five pounds of wings -- with this rub. It's easiest to put it in a plastic bag and mix it up that way. Marinate them in the rub for a few hours.

I decided to not steam oysters this year but I will be supplying my chip dip as usual. Here's the recipe from memory 'cause I don't need to write it down ;)

Jaxon's Sausage and Velveeta dip

Ingredients: 3/4 of 1 big block of Velveeta, which is in short supply right now due to Velveeta-geddon, but that's another story.

For the mild edition: One (1) package of Jimmy Dean sausage original flavor and one (1) can Rotel Original Diced Tomoatoes & Green Chilies.

For more spicy versions you can use JD spicy sausage or hot Rotel (or both). If that's not hot enough chop up some Jalapeno's.

Cooking Instructions (30-45 minutes to complete): Brown the sausage in a skillet, drain. Break up the chunks as much as possible, at least say half the size of a dime or so.

Put browned sausage in a medium size pot and put on medium high. Slice off chunks of the Velveeta and put into the sausage. Continue until 3/4's of the block is in the pot. I usually stop there but you can add the whole thing if you like is cheesy. You can wait and see how it looks once the 3/4 is melted and add more if you want.

Once the Velveeta is close to fully cooked reduce the heat to simmer being sure to not burn the bottom. Stirring every 5 minutes at this point is very helpful. Add the Jalapeno's if you got them. Once its heated through for a bout 5-10 minutes pour into a serving dish and munch out. It should look something like what is in the picture above. Though I strictly use Tortilla chips and not those trisket looking things in the picture. (Stock photo).

So feel free to add your recipes and pictures if you got them.