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Cam Newton takes part in SB Nation quiz show

Watch it, seriously.

The SB Nation video team are in New York for the Super Bowl and had some time to steal away Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton to have him answer some questions about the city and life itself.

Without hyperbole, this is completely amazing. Cam is just as affable and great as we know he is, and the answers he gives are totally hilarious. Also, we got a brief glimpse into the ongoing pizza feud between Newton and DeAngelo Williams that the running back alluded to earlier in the week.

It seems Cam has a new agreement with Pizza Hut to be a spokesperson and launch a new campaign. They're also introducing a new hand-tossed pizza that in Cam's words is "not bad." Personally, I think it's nice to see a member of the Panthers be so relaxed with the media and be able to be a little goofy sometimes without falling into the grand seriousness of the NFL.