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Stop saying the Panthers should part ways with Cam Newton

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Dumb argument is dumb.

Streeter Lecka

There are opinions, hot takes and the kind of mind-boggling lunacy that speaks to a fanbase losing it. Entertaining the idea of letting Cam Newton go and finding a new franchise quarterback is the third option.

This isn't a boilerplate debate nobody is having, it's a very real discussion that a growing segment of the fanbase is joining. My message to them: Stop.

It's been a rough few weeks for Cam Newton, that much is obvious. Problems on the offensive line, a lack of reliable weapons and questionable decisions have left fans wondering if he's really the long-term franchise quarterback the Panthers need. Let's settle this right-friggin-now: Yes, of course he is.

Releasing Newton wouldn't just be the single stupidest thing the Panthers have done, it would be a franchise-crippling move that would ensure mediocrity for the next decade; yes, it would be that damaging. And for what? To satiate the lunatic fringe who can't see past three games or remember the last three years? To kowtow to those too myopic to understand that Carolina is in the worst stretch of its season and that Cam struggled against teams with a combined record of 14-10, all of whom were better than their records suggested.

Stop being dumb.

We all have bouts of dumb, often caused by doubt. It's our job to try and shake the dumb away -- clear a foggy head and realize what's really at stake here.


There it is, in black and white. Unequivocal proof that Newton is already the best and most consistent quarterback this team has ever had, even when he can be wildly inconsistent. Is this about chasing the golden goose? A mythical belief that someone better has to be out there?

Spoiler: There's not, at least not one who's readily available. This isn't about saying Cam Newton is the best quarterback in the NFL, or even saying he's one of the 10 best -- it's about understanding that finding a quarterback is an effing difficult proposition for an NFL team. It's taken franchises like the Browns, Raiders, Jaguars and Cardinals over a decade to find one, and there's still no guarantee that they have their guy.

Is Cam Newton worth the mega-million dollar contract he'll get soon? It's hard to say. In many ways he's every bit one of the league's best passers when he has some help, but right now there's no help for him. This team has let Cam Newton down more than Newton has let down the team. Realize that and you start to see the heart of the issue.

If the Panthers are going to be too shortsighted to see that then he'll leave and find success on a new team, but that's not happening. Newton isn't going anywhere because despite its shortcomings this organization tends to be pretty smart. Being smart means not being dumb. Not being dumb means keeping Cam Newton.

It's that simple.