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Panthers Can't Pass on Poots

h/t to rscott94 for posting this great news in another thread.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

There's an old adage, "[censored] or get off the pot." Well, Dave Gettleman's been sitting for a while, only to bring in a few free agents here or there. Well now, the time has come. According to Aaron Wilson, the Panthers are working out AFL wide receiver Tysson Poots. The 6' 2" 225 pound wide receiver has collected 74 touchdown passes over the last three years for the Arizona Rattlers, but stats don't really matter.

This man's last name is Poots. That's like pulling for a guy named Andre Doodoo, Timothy Turds or Sam Sharts. My sense of humor basically never developed past the age of nine, and I'm in need of a really good laugh right now. It's our obligation as Panther fans to desperately hope this Poots fella can squeak onto the roster. We need levity now, more than ever. Dave Gettleman, please, please don't pass on Poots.