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Head-Butt-Gate Update: Silence Reigns

I know Roger Goodell would prefer my silence but I will not let this go until justice is served!

Kevin C. Cox

I know Ron Rivera sent in the tape to the league to ask why the 49ers only got fines but no in-game penalties for the exact same infraction! I have obtained exclusive footage of what the Panthers sent tot he league to make their case:

15 yard Penalty



So we also know now that only Richard Sherman is allowed to dis the Crabs apparently. Yet now look at what is not worth a penalty when you wear gold and red:



I guess the difference is Mike Mitchell didn't flop back at the time like Crabs did.

So Panther fans this brought a big 'Ho Hum' from the league. Let's not forget and use it for motivation next year. Plus I guess we need the Panthers to practice their flopping over the off season. I hope not, we don't want football to turn into soccer, where flopping is an institution.