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Head-Butt-Gate Update: 49ers Get Wrist Slap Fines

Panthers beat writer David Newton points out the disparity in the penalty assigned to the Panthers for head butting versus the 49ers, who were not penalized on the field but were instead fined a couple bucks and a bad of chips. I'm telling you this conspiracy runs deep!

Ronald Martinez

Newton explains the farce:

NFL fines show not all head-butts equal - NFC South Blog - ESPN
San Francisco wide receiver Anquan Boldin was not penalized for his second-quarter head-butt of Carolina safety Mike Mitchell, but was fined $7,875 by the NFL. The penalty against Munnerlyn led to a San Francisco field goal. The lack of a penalty against Boldin after a first-down catch to the Carolina 9-yard line led to a 49ers' touchdown with five seconds left in the first half.

That's right, we got a full Watergate type of conspiracy against the Panthers here that I think runs all the way to the gold and maroon colored phone in Roger Goodell's bathroom. It's way more than a double standard, it's a coordinated effort to get the 49ers to the SB while keeping the good man down! How could they so obviously call a penalty on the Panthers that extends 49er drives and then REPEATEDLY not call the same offense on the 49ers...not just once but thrice!

Your silly, inconsequential fines will not silence us! Stay tuned, we are continuing our investigation.