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Seahawks 12 Panthers 7: Different Season, Same Result

It was a tale of two halves at the Panthers nursed a 7-3 lead at the half only to prove too timid to do anything in the 2nd half.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

It might be easy to fault RB DeAngelo Williams and his critical fumble down the stretch as it was aback breaker for sure. But then when it needed it the most the defense could not get a take stop, something we got way too familiar seeing last season. The Panthers were their own worst enemy.

Stupid penalties, turnovers and a timid offensive game plan made this a very frustrating game to watch as a fan. In the first half the defense played lights out, harassing Russell Wilson constantly. But in the 2nd half he just continued to roll out and throw darts to his WRs running crossing routes. In the end Wilson logged the first 300 yard passing day of his career.

The offense clicked best when the Panthers ran the ball. Williams ran for 76 yards on 16 carries but all we will remember is the red zone fumble. Where was the vertical passing game? I saw one pass down the field the whole game yet that is exactly how the Seahawks took the lead. They missed the first bomb over Josh Thomas but then came right back with the same play the very play and scored. It was the exact kind of play the Panthers offense was too timid to try. If they don;t turn it around quick Ron Rivera will be fired by midseason in my view.

There were some nice performances from the Panthers so I will include those now but the sting of this loss will remain.

We will have more analysis to come. This is now an Open Thread!