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GM Dave Gettleman talks about the Panthers' roster

Here's what Dave Gettleman had to say about the Panthers' roster, a few days from kickoff to the 2013 season.

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Max Henson of asked GM Dave Gettleman a few questions about the Panthers' roster. Some of Gettleman's responses were quite interesting. Here's what he had to say:

On keeping two instead of three quarterbacks:

"We are in a situation where you want to maximize every roster spot. And we are in a position where we have an emergency third quarterback who happens to be one of our wide receivers. That was part of the decision. But really, the whole thing was moot once we found out how serious Jimmy (Clausen's) injury was."

I fully support the decision to carry two instead of three quarterbacks. Clausen wasn't doing anything on the sidelines the last two years and it's better to use the extra roster spot on another position where they could use more help.

On cutting WR David Gettis:

"That was a fluid decision. I always believe you keep the best 53. I don't believe you have to have four of these, five of these, six of these. I don't believe in that. I believe in the best 53 players.

"Really and truly, David Gettis had a very encouraging preseason. He was definitely in the mix. The fact that he had the (hamstring) injury was a part of it. But you have to realize, when you start the season you want to give the coach 53 healthy players. Injuries do play a part of the process."

I was against the decision to cut David Gettis, because he had an excellent performance this preseason, and I thought he had definitely earned his spot on the 53 man roster. However, if his hamstring injury was really that serious, then I agree with the decision to put him on IR and give him an injury settlement when he's healthy.

Why the team released CB Drayton Florence:

"We are very encouraged by those two (Josh Norman, Josh Thomas) and (undrafted rookie) Melvin White. What all three of those guys give you is length and ball skills. And those are two things you can't teach. With JT and Josh, it's really about continuing improvement. Melvin came on very strong at the end, and we feel very good about those three young kids."

Dave Gettleman's clearly size obsessed, and that's not necessarily a bad thing -  throughout the league we're starting to see this trend of bigger, more physical cornerbacks to match up with wide receivers who also seem to be getting bigger every year. Norman, Thomas and White are all bigger cornerbacks who have flashed their potential this preseason. It makes sense to think long term at this position, and roll with the younger players, especially since Florence was inconsistent at best this preseason.

His thoughts on the offensive line:

"What a lot of people have to understand is that the offensive line, more than anything, is a process. Those guys have to play together, have to get comfortable with each other, have to trust each other. That comes in time.

"I was very spoiled up in New York with that group of five guys that really played together for about four and a half, five years. You get spoiled and you realize how important it is for them to play together. But it will come. It takes time. That doesn't happen overnight. But they are smart, very competitive and very determined. I feel good about that group."

Unfortunately I don't think time is on Ron Rivera's side here. It'll take several weeks for this new-look offensive line to gel together, but by then it may be too late. This team needs to start hot and build up momentum, because another slow start will guarantee the Panthers miss out on the playoffs for a fifth consecutive year.

So, what are your thoughts on Gettleman's comments on the Panthers' roster? Do you agree or disagree with what he said? Feel free to discuss below.

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