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Panthers 38 Giants 0: Rookie DB Plays Like Vet

Panthers UDFA rookie CB Melvin White made the most of his rotational snaps by making some veteran plays. Here's two GIFs that demonstrate the rookie making veteran plays resulting in Giant turnovers

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

With the Panthers comfortably in the lead at 24-0 it meant the secondary could take some chances. The Panther secondary had already discussed setting a trap play if the Giants lined up in a certain formation. Captain Munnerlyn lays the bait by taking an inside position. White then times his move perfectly:



Just an absolutely beautiful display of team work and athleticism.

Later with 11 minutes left in the game White executely a perfect punch out of the ball tackling a Giants WR from behind:



I'm pretty sure that is how you diagram it up, punch at the ball while also making the tackle. It was plays like these from White turned the contest from a solid win to a blow out. That was former Panthers WR Louis Murphy who fumbled by the way. (Har har).

Back at the final roster cut down, White was arguably one of the last players to make the roster. He didn't make any flash plays during the preseason so we wondered why the Panthers kept him. They obviously saw something and now maybe we are seeing it too. White has demonstrated he can handle the cerebral part of playing CB and I'm seeing plenty of athleticism to go with it. So why was this guy not drafted again? My guess is the cerebral part he excels at doesn't show up in combine stats or Pro day work outs. The Panthers will need him to continue to play like a vet as the schedule progresses. I'm thinking Larry Fitzgerald might present a slightly bigger challenge than Louis Murphy. Regardless color me 'Extremely Optimistic' on this rookie.