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Explaining the Panthers loss in GIFs: Part Deux

The series shall continue as long as the Panthers keep giving us good material...

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Spor

Once again, it is a Monday afternoon after a heartbreaking fourth quarter meltdown by the Panthers. After weeks of talking about the team's deficiencies; to quote Denny Green: "THEY ARE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE!!!"

Well, moving forward they will be who we thought they were minus at least two starters in the secondary. Therefore, there isn't much left to say. So without further ado, here is your quick and dirty recap of the Panthers-Bills showdown, with a little help from our friends over at Broken Lizard.

On Carolina's first drive, Cam hits Greg Olsen for a 31 yard gain! Tumblr_mgh6zbiu3b1s1a62oo1_500_medium

Followed closely by a bone-headed pick to rookie linebacker Kiko Alonso...


Defense holds, and Dan Carpenter misses a 42 yard field goal!


Mario Williams' second sack of Cam on 3rd and 2.


Not much happens for a while...


Panthers' hurry-up offense scores a touchdown on a Cam Newton pass to Greg Olsen going into halftime!


Terrible facemasking call on Jon Beason on 3rd and 19 extends Bills' first drive of the second half. They ultimately score a field goal.


Panthers punt on 4th and 18. Defensive holding called on Buffalo. Panthers keep the ball.


And Cam makes them pay with a long awaited deep bomb to Ted Ginn Jr.!


The Bills drive right back down the field and score a touchdown AND two-point conversion. The Panthers respond with a short drive and a punt.


The defense forces a turnover when Quentin Mikell strips E.J. Manuel on the ensuing drive!


Panthers respond with a field goal. We're holding a narrow lead early in the 4th quarter.


Kuechly makes a beautiful read on E.J. Manuel and jumps the route. INTERCEPTION!


Panthers settle for another field goal. 20-14 Carolina.


After another field goal by Buffalo, the Panthers get the ball back with 7:13 remaining, up by three.


The Panthers put together a good, time-consuming drive and make Buffalo burn all of their timeouts. On 4th and 1 at the Buffalo 21 yard-line, Coach Rivera elects to kick yet another field goal.


Rookie E.J. Manuel leads the Bills on a methodical drive down the field, assisted by a rare penalty by Luke Kuechly. Touchdown. Extra point. Game over.