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Panthers vs. Bills: Sunday morning hype up

Get ready for the game with a cocky and motivational look at the Panthers.

Grant Halverson

Fall is in the air and the Carolina Panthers are Northward bound. It's too early for the foliage to change, but the Panthers will ensure they leave the Bills black and blue.

To the people of Buffalo: You're welcome. Southern hospitality is a wonderful thing and we're happy to share good quarterback play with you. I'm sure you know Cam Newton, maybe you've called him '$cam' at some point in time, but his ability as a passer is legit. In his rookie season he threw for 4,000 yards -- something the Bills haven't managed to do since Drew Bledsoe in 2002.

With your secondary he and Steve Smith and going to put on a clinic. Heck, I don't blame Jairus Byrd for wanting out -- I wouldn't want to see Smitty over the middle either.

Here's the deal, I think y'all can be pretty good in time. The problem: it's not your time. Seattle was almost sent from Charlotte with their tail between their legs and you're no Seattle. Look, you played the Patriots tough, but so did the dysfunctional Jets -- they're not that special this year, we kind of are.

There's a reason for that bravado. The Panthers have the best 4-3 defensive line in the NFL, heck it might be the best line in the league period. Teams picking early in the draft were dumb enough to allow Star Lotulelei to slot in with Greg Hardy and Charles Johnson, and if something should manage to sneak through those monsters they'll get swallowed by Luke Kuechly.

The names might not all right a bell, but I promise E.J. Manuel will know them well after film study on Monday.

Here's to a good game and no injuries. That's the best I can wish because Carolina are coming to town and they're ready to Keep Pounding through the Bills.

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