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2013 Carolina Panthers Training Camp: Day 12 Twitter Recap

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Here's a recap of today's practice via Twitter.


Another day of practice is in the books, and there's honestly not a lot to recap since the team cut practice short. The pace was slower as the team is preparing for their first preseason game tomorrow night.

Even with the slower pace and shorter practice time we have a few nuggets to talk about, so here goes:

Same story, different day on the injury front

No new information here.

Brandon Williams and Armanti Edwards still impressive

I really like Williams. I think he's got a legitimate shot at making the 53.

Jonathan Jones also thinks he will make the roster.

And if you're wondering how they'll squeeze him in the 53, Jones has a theory on that as well:

Armanti Edwards is also making a case for his place on the roster.

Joe's right though -- he's got to perform in a game for anyone to believe he's improved.

Who's in and who's out tomorrow

Here's a list of confirmed players who won't play:

Also, here's an estimate on how much we'll see the first team:

That sounds about right for the first preseason game.

Miscellaneous Notes

Steve Smith takes a leadership role:

Norman better be taking notes. If anyone knows anything about how a WR plays the sideline, it's Smitty.

Jordan Gross wins today's quote of the day:

I don't know about you, but I have a feeling that it didn't work. Gotta give him credit for trying though.

That's it for today's Twitter recap. There won't be a practice recap tomorrow because the Panthers will play their first preseason game (woot!), so stay tuned for the next practice recap on Saturday Sunday.

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