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Carolina Panthers training camp 2013: It's time to Ask Luke

Luke Kuechly is taking over the Carolina Panthers Twitter account, so it's time to prepare your deepest questions for the middle linebacker.


Carolina Panthers' middle linebacker Luke Kuechly is taking over the team's official Twitter account at 2 PM today to answer some of the most burning fan questions. It's nice to have these kind of events as training camp draws closer to its end, so make sure you think up some good ones.

All you need to do is Tweet a question, and add the "AskLuke" hashtag (#AskLuke). As you can see, we already have some really big questions that need to be answered.

SB Nation's own Bill Hanstock is asking something I think we'd all like to better understand.

I'm not sure Kuechly was alive for Gilligan's Island, but we'll accept this.

Oh TMG, Twitter is richer for having gained you. That being said, I think it's probably more like a French horn.

Dammit James... this is why we can't have nice things. So, head over to Twitter and see what all the fuss is about. Lets have Luke answer some of the biggest questions the world needs answered.

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