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NFL Inducts Seven into Hall of Fame Open Thread

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I'm not one to watch these speeches but if anyone out there does and you want to talk about it here is an open thread for that.

Here is the 2013 NFL Hall of Fame class:

OG Larry Allen - A dominating OG who was absolutely huge

WR Cris Carter - One of the best WRs at body control and keeping his feet in bounds with amazing hands

DT Curly Culp - He played a little before my day

OT Jonathan Ogden - One of the OT of his day

HC Bill Parcells - The Big Tuna

LB Dave Robinson - Another guy a little before my time

DT Warren Sapp - He is now so arrogant I can't stand to listen to him talk but he was good in his day. HoF good? I'm skeptical honestly.

So what are your thoughts?

This is now an Open Thread!