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NFL Roster Cut Downs: Panthers Cut Down to 75

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The Panthers will need to release three players today to get down to the maximum of 75 players by 4pm today. As of 1:30pm two of the three had been announced.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Here's who got a visit from the Turk though a couple may be placed on IR:

Both of these guys have missed time recently due to injury, Adams with a calf issue and Kearse a knee. Both players eeemd to have a decent chance of making the squad. Adams struggled with fumbles last season but has been okay this season. the addition of Ted Ginn, who scored on a punt return last week, may have sealed his fate months ago. Another team will most certainly give him a chance once his calf is healed.

Kearse was battling two other players for the final DT spot but the knee ding kept him from competing the past two weeks. Just bad timing for a guy who could still be a decent NT for someone.Again, both players may still end up on Panthers IR.

We are still waiting to hear about the last player to be released so we will  update this post when that happens.

What a day huh? Cuts, J-Stew to PUP and Hardy contract extension talks. That and fantasy drafts on t he docket for Cat Scratch Radio tonight, 10pm EST.

Update: The final cut is in and it's a bit of a surprise, though not really a cut. More of a transaction:

The 4th round pick will be panned for months to come...oh well, time to move on.

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