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Panthers Start Cut Down, Waive Several Players

The Panthers have started trimming their roster by releasing several players earlier today. The have until August 27th to get the roster down to 75 players.

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Hat tip to Philipkcks for being the first to post on this in a previous comment thread on CSR.

Via the Panthers Twitter:

The only one of those cuts that is a little confusing is DE Nzegwu who had a good camp and preseason. Otherwise those are some easy cuts. But we have a few more:

I'm surprised they waived Campbell given he was hurt but I guess they had really seen enough of him anyway and are simply ready to move on. Obviously cutting Pilares is the biggest surprise so far though given the depth at WR and the fact he had failed to distinguish himself in any way makes it less surprising.

In other news Rivera finally admits the Panthes need help on the o-line:

Obviously the answer is not on the roster. We need to bring in a couple guys I would say.

We have some good news on players returning to practice:

Also though Munnerlyn left the game with a hand injury he was on the practice field today. Players not practicing:

The final cut down to 53 is Aug. 31st.

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