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Newton Gets 33/1 Odds to be 2013 NFL MVP

Bovada has released it's odds on the 2013 NFL season in a number of categories.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Here's a select few with Panther players highlighted.

via Bovada, (, Twitter: @BovadaLV).

2013 NFL MVP - Odds to Win

Peyton Manning (DEN) QB 5/1

Aaron Rodgers (GB) QB 13/2

Colin Kaepernick (SF) QB 10/1

Drew Brees (NO) QB 10/1

Adrian Peterson (MIN) RB 12/1

Tom Brady (NE) QB 12/1

Matt Ryan (ATL) QB 15/1

Robert Griffin III (WAS) QB 18/1

Russell Wilson (SEA) QB 18/1

Andrew Luck (IND) QB 25/1

Calvin Johnson (DET) WR 25/1

Eli Manning (NYG) QB 25/1

Arian Foster (HOU) RB 33/1

Ben Roethlisberger (PIT) QB 33/1

Cam Newton (CAR) QB 33/1

Matthew Stafford (DET) QB 33/1

Michael Vick (PHI) QB 33/1

Tony Romo (DAL) QB 33/1

Matt Schaub (HOU) QB 40/1

J.J. Watt (HOU) DE 40/1

Chris Johnson (TEN) RB 50/1

Joe Flacco (BAL) QB 50/1

Marshawn Lynch (SEA) RB 50/1

Philip Rivers (SD) QB 50/1

Jay Cutler (CHI) QB 66/1

Ray Rice (BAL) RB 66/1

Alfred Morris (WAS) RB 66/1

Jamaal Charles (KC) RB 66/1

Matt Forte (CHI) RB 66/1

Steven Jackson (ATL) RB 66/1

Doug Martin (TB) RB 66/1

Andy Dalton (CIN) QB 75/1

Alex Smith (KC) QB 75/1

Josh Freeman (TB) QB 75/1

Sam Bradford (STL) QB 75/1

A.J. Green (CIN) WR 100/1

Andre Johnson (HOU) WR 100/1

Brandon Marshall (CHI) WR 100/1

Reggie Bush (DET) RB 150/1

But wait! Are these guys crazy? @They must just ltake Panther fans for suckers because we all know Cam Newton is barely in the top 100 of offensive players in the NFL. How can he be at 33/1 odds with the likes of Arian Foster and Tony Romo? Something is awry but I can't put my finger on it.@

Who will record the most Passing Yards in the 2013 Regular Season?

Drew Brees (NO) QB 4/1

Aaron Rodgers (GB) QB 6/1

Matthew Stafford (DET) QB 13/2

Peyton Manning (DEN) QB 7/1

Matt Ryan (ATL) QB 10/1

Tom Brady (NE) QB 12/1

Tony Romo (DAL) QB 15/1

Andrew Luck (IND) QB 15/1

Eli Manning (NYG) QB 20/1

Jay Cutler (CHI) QB 28/1

Philip Rivers (SD) QB 33/1

Matt Schaub (HOU) QB 33/1

Cam Newton (CAR) QB 33/1

Ben Roethlisberger (PIT) QB 33/1

Sam Bradford (STL) QB 40/1

Carson Palmer (ARI) QB 40/1

Josh Freeman (TB) QB 40/1

Andy Dalton (CIN) QB 40/1

Joe Flacco (BAL) QB 40/1

Colin Kaepernick (SF) QB 40/1

Robert Griffin III (WAS) QB 50/1

Ryan Tannehill (MIA) QB 50/1

Alex Smith (KC) QB 50/1

Russell Wilson (SEA) QB 66/1

Michael Vick (PHI) QB 66/1

Mark Sanchez (NYJ) QB 200/1

MVP was one thing but 33/1 on Most Passing Yards too? @Don't they know he's a one-dimensional QB?@

Who will record the most Rushing Yards in the 2013 Regular Season?

Adrian Peterson (MIN) RB 11/4

Marshawn Lynch (SEA) RB 7/1

Doug Martin (TB) RB 10/1

Arian Foster (HOU) RB 10/1

Alfred Morris (WAS) RB 12/1

Jamaal Charles (KC) RB 14/1

C.J. Spiller (BUF) RB 14/1

Trent Richardson (CLE) RB 16/1

Chris Johnson (TEN) RB 18/1

Ray Rice (BAL) RB 18/1

LeSean McCoy (PHI) RB 20/1

Maurice Jones-Drew (JAC) RB 20/1

Stevan Ridley (NE) RB 25/1

Matt Forte (CHI) RB 28/1

Steven Jackson (ATL) RB 28/1

Frank Gore (SF) RB 33/1

DeMarco Murray (DAL) RB 33/1

Darren McFadden (OAK) RB 33/1

Reggie Bush (DET) RB 40/1

Lamar Miller (MIA) RB 40/1

Montee Ball (DEN) RB 40/1

Ryan Mathews (SD) RB 50/1

Rashard Mendenhall (ARI) RB 50/1

Ahmad Bradshaw (IND) RB 50/1

You can't even get odds for Williams to win the rushing title. If he got 25 to 30 carries a game though I bet he would give AP a run for it.

Who will record the most Receiving Yards in the 2013 Regular Season?

Calvin Johnson (DET) WR 11/4

Dez Bryant (DAL) WR 8/1

A.J. Green (CIN) WR 9/1

Brandon Marshall (CHI) WR 9/1

Julio Jones (ATL) WR 14/1

Demaryius Thomas (DEN) WR 14/1

Larry Fitzgerald (ARI) WR 18/1

Andre Johnson (HOU) WR 18/1

Roddy White (ATL) WR 20/1

Randall Cobb (GB) WR 20/1

Vincent Jackson (TB) WR 20/1

Victor Cruz (NYG) WR 20/1

Wes Welker (DEN) WR 22/1

Danny Amendola (NE) WR 22/1

Dwayne Bowe (KC) WR 33/1

Marques Colston (NO) WR 33/1

Reggie Wayne (IND) WR 33/1

Steve Smith (CAR) WR 33/1

Antonio Brown (PIT) WR 40/1

Hakeem Nicks (NYG) WR 40/1

Mike Wallace (MIA) WR 40/1

Eric Decker (DEN) WR 40/1

DeSean Jackson (PHI) WR 40/1

Pierre Garcon (WAS) WR 50/1

Jordy Nelson (GB) WR 50/1

Kenny Britt (TEN) WR 50/1

Tavon Austin (STL) WR 50/1

Miles Austin (DAL) WR 50/1

Anquan Boldin (SF) WR 50/1

Jimmy Graham (NO) TE 50/1

Cecil Shorts (JAC) WR 66/1

Torrey Smith (BAL) WR 66/1

Steve Johnson (BUF) WR 75/1

Greg Jennings (MIN) WR 100/1

Hmmm...there's those 33/1 odds again. I guess since Newton would be throwing to Smith it makes a little sense.

Who will win the 2013 Offensive Rookie of the Year?

Tavon Austin (STL) WR 5/1

Montee Ball (DEN) RB 11/2

Eddie Lacy (GB) RB 7/1

EJ Manuel (BUF) QB 10/1

Geno Smith (NYJ) QB 10/1

Deandre Hopkins (HOU) WR 10/1

Le'Veon Bell (PIT) RB 12/1

Robert Woods (BUF) WR 14/1

Tyler Eifert (CIN) TE 14/1

Aaron Dobson (NE) WR 16/1

Cordarrelle Patterson (MIN) WR 16/1

Justin Hunter (TEN) WR 20/1

Keenan Allen (SD) WR 20/1

Denard Robinson (RB) JAC 25/1

Zach Ertz (PHI) TE 25/1

Matt Barkley (PHI) QB 33/1

Joseph Randle (RB) DAL 33/1

Mike Gillislee (RB) MIA 33/1

No argument here. Word is Kuzilla's odds are 2B to 1.

Who will win the 2013 Defensive Rookie of the Year?

Ezekiel Ansah 6/1

Arthur Brown 15/2

Jarvis Jones 8/1

Manti Teo 14/1

Star Lotulelei 14/1

Tyran Mathieu 14/1

Barkevious Mingo 16/1

Dee Milliner 16/1

Matt Elam 16/1

Sharrif Floyd 16/1

DJ Hayden 18/1

Datone Jones 18/1

Dion Jordan 18/1

Alec Ogletree 20/1

Desmond Trufant 20/1

John Jenkins 20/1

Kenny Vaccaro 20/1

Bjoern Werner 25/1

Eric Reid 25/1

Jonathan Cyprien 25/1

Kevin Minter 25/1

Sheldon Richardson 25/1

Sylvester Williams 25/1

Xavier Rhodes 25/1

Might a Star be born? Put your money where your mouth is! You're getting 14/1.