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Player Spotlight: CB Nick Hixson

Only 37 days and counting...


Fun Facts About The Number 37

37 is the normal human body temperature on the Celsius scale.

There are 37 slots in European Roulette.

The Green Monster at Fenway Park in Boston is 37 feet tall.

Spam was invented in 1937 when the internet first exploded(ha, ha).

There are 37 skeletal muscles in the human hand.

Vincent Van Gogh, Lou Gehrig, and Marie Antionette all died at the age 37.

Abraham Lincoln was first elected to the House of Representatives at the age of 37.

The first ever score in the Super Bowl was a 37 yard touchdown pass from Bart Starr to Max McGhee.

Amelia Earhart disappeared in 1937.

Can you name the 37th state?

CB Nick Hixson

If anyone knows about the emotional extremes that come with the struggle to make a name in the NFL as an undrafted free agent, it's Nick Hixson. Here, take a look at this quick snapshot of his 2012 season.

May 14: Signed as an undrafted free agent by the New Orleans Saints.

June 7: Waived by New Orleans.

August 11: Signed again by the Saints.

August 31: Waived again by the Saints.

September 2: Signed to New Orleans practice squad.

November 6: Waived one final time by the Saints.

November 28: Signed to Carolina's practice squad.

December 31: Signed as a free agent for 2013 by Carolina.

As you can see, life can be downright cruel for an undrafted free agent coming out of a tiny Division II college. The highs and lows of being signed and cut over and over again must have been excruciatingly painful from an emotional standpoint.

But here he is with another shot to prove he belongs in the NFL.

At a little over six feet tall, Hixson possesses nice size for a cornerback and intelligence(biochemistry major) but lacks top end speed(4.50). Although the Panthers are giving him some burn on third string in training camp, his immediate value will come from special teams.

The only information of any real value concerning Hixson's status at this point is found in Jaxon's detailed notes from Sunday's practice. I found three meaningful lines describing three separate plays he was involved in. Here they be:

1. "Hixson on Adams - Adams beats him for a TD on another post"

2. "Hixson just misses an INT"

3. "Hixson makes a juggling INT on a tipped pass"

One negative(1), one positive(3), and one in between(2). It could have been worse.

Moving forward, the goal for Hixson, along with every other one of these fringe players, is to accumulate as many positive plays as possible while limiting the negative ones. With that being said, I feel very confident when I say that his ceiling in the short term is the Panthers' practice squad, where he can further develop. Proclaiming otherwise would be delusional at best.