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Gettis Healthy and Ready to Contribute

For a guy that has played little the past two seasons trying to get healthy WR David Gettis now looks ready to contribute in a big way.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Gettis owned the 3rd quarter of the Panthers loss to the Eagles. As soon as he entered the game he made an impact. In fact he was the catalyst for the Panthers 3rd quarter scoring drive that ended up being a 32 yard FG by Gano. Here are three of Gettis five catches on the day:



Gettis makes a nice adjustment to the ball.

Here he catches one in traffic and adds on some tough yards.



Gettis showed some toughness there to get just enough separation to make the catch.

On this third catch the DB is giving him plenty of cushion but Gettis still plants his foot and runs away form the DB while snatching the ball out away from his body. He had been criticized in the past for letting the ball get into his body but he seems to have made dramatic improvement with that.



Gettis was the Panthers leading receiver in both preseason games so far and now has 8 catches for 138 yards in two games. The Panthers brass will have a tough choice between Gettis and Armanti Edwards for the #3 WR role. That's a nice problem to have in my book.


Hat tip to Arealpanthersfan for posting the link to Gettis 1st career TD reception which happens to serve as the proof that Newton was not the first to execute the Superman move after scoring.