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Panthers Preseason Game 1 Offensive Replay Review

I've taken the Panthers offensive plays with Cam Newton in the game and added additional analysis identifying whatever made the play work or fail.

Grant Halverson

1st Drive

1-10-CAR 15 (14:54) D.Williams left guard to CAR 21 for 6 yards (M.Wright; L.Briggs).

The DT took an inside move and essentially took himself out of the play. Silatolu was able to get enough push on him after he took a few steps left, enough for Williams to get through the whole. The rest of the line did their job.

2-4-CAR 21 (14:15) C.Newton pass incomplete short left to S.Smith (C.Tillman).

Newton was a little late on the slant allowing Tillman to break on the ball and break it up. Pass was a little high too.

3-4-CAR 21 (14:11) (Shotgun) C.Newton pass short middle to S.Smith to CAR 31 for 15 yards (L.Briggs). P1

With a nicely formed pocket around him Newton thread the needle to Smitty over the middle.

1-10-CAR 31 (13:32) D.Williams right tackle to CAR 35 for 4 yards (M.Wright).

Garry Williams pulls and gets a nice hit on the LB put fails to drive into him. That allowed the LB to recover and make the play down the field. Give credit to LaFell for those four yards though because he keep the CB from making the play sooner.

2-6-CAR 35 (12:50) D.Williams up the middle to CAR 34 for -1 yards (N.Collins; L.Briggs).

Silatolu steps left when the DT went the other way allowing the DT to hit Williams after taking only one step. He attempted to recover but could only throw his arm out.

3-5-CAR 34 (12:10) (Shotgun) C.Newton pass incomplete short right to G.Olsen (T.Jennings).

The camera was a little late on this play and they never showed a replay. My best guess is that Tillman got a break on the ball and knocked it away from Olsen at the last second. Close to PI based on Olsen's reaction but he didn't argue much.

4-5-CAR 34 (12:04) B.Nortman punts 49 yards to CHI 17, Center-J.Jansen. J.Lenz to CHI 27 for 10 yards (C.Blackburn; M.Addison).

Booming punt by Nortman (all you have to do is listen for the ‘boom'). Good coverage as well holding it to 5 yards.

Drive Summary: 6 plays, 19 yards, 1 1st down

2nd Drive

1-10-CHI 27 Carolina Panthers at 11:40 in the 1st Quarter

1-10-CHI 18 (11:40) C.Newton pass incomplete short left to G.Olsen.

PENALTY on CHI-Jm. Anderson, Defensive Pass Interference, 14 yards, enforced at CHI 18 - No Play. X2

How fitting is it Olsen gets former Panther LB James Anderson to commit an obvious penalty inside the 5 yard line? Anderson was beat on a play the Panthers love to run, a play you would think he would be ready for.

1-4-CHI 4 (11:35) D.Williams right guard to CHI 1 for 3 yards (K.Moore; Jm.Anderson).

Garry Williams gets a nice chip block on the DT and then hits the 2nd level. Williams follows him as the rest of the line holds their blocks a couple ticks. Kalil got the 2nd level as well.

2-1-CHI 1 (10:59) D.Williams left guard to CHI 3 for -2 yards (K.Greene).

It's hard to say who missed the block on Greene but it appeared Silatolu should have only chipped the DT and instead switched to the LB. The line as a whole didn't get much push on this one.

Timeout #1 by CAR at 10:14.

3-3-CHI 3 (10:14) (Shotgun) C.Newton pass short right to B.LaFell for 3 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

A slow play to develop, Newton got the pass off just in the nick of time. The DT Collins essentially tossed Silatolu aside before laying a hit on Newton. Nice route by LaFell. If only we had pulled Cam right here.

Drive Summary: 3 plays, 19 yards, TD

3rd Drive

1-10-CAR 39 (7:47) (Shotgun) C.Newton pass short right to B.Hartsock to CAR 42 for 3 yards (Z.Bowman).

Hartsock seemed wide open then only gained 3 yards. No pressure on Newton.

2-7-CAR 42 (7:08) T.Poole right tackle to CAR 47 for 5 yards (J.Bostic).

Hartsock and Bell makes nice blocks as Poole makes a nice cut between two players. Poole is brought down by the CB who got past Edwards block.

(6:21) (Shotgun) C.Newton pass short middle intended for G.Olsen INTERCEPTED by J.Bostic at CHI 49. J.Bostic for 51 yards, TOUCHDOWN

Newton didn't see the LB spying him and he should have. I will say that his view was blocked by the DT who was fully extended in the air with both arms. That is because for some reason Silatolu pulled off his block to look and see if help was needed elsewhere when it was not. It was a nice snag by the Bears LB too.

Drive Summary: 3 plays, 8 yards, INT

Final Analysis

I hate to sound like I'm piling on Silatolu but that is what I am seeing in the replay. It just didn't seem like his head was in the game as he was making the little mistakes that ends drives and causes turnovers. If Silatolu had kept the DT engaged he would not have been able to get his hands up like that without immediately getting knocked to the ground.

Needless to say we need to keep a close watch on Silatolu this Thursday against the Eagles to see if he turns it around. I don't think Rivera will tolerate a learning curve like last years but then again, who do we have on the roster that is better? Well, maybe I shouldn't ask that question.