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What you talkin' bout Derek?

Domestic life has its perks, but Derek Anderson is upset with some of them.


The lull between OTAs and training camp allows players to return to their off-season homes to take care of important life matters before returning to camp. Derek Anderson went back to the Pacific Northwest to tend to his home, and get things in order -- seriously.

Before getting down to work it's important to keep yourself fueled.

11 hours later...

And you seemed so excited too! Oregon is hailed for its wide open spaces. Something Derek was going to take advantage of.

This raised a lot of questions. Why did he walk OUTSIDE to use the restroom? Among many. Thankfully we didn't wait long for the answer.

Multitasking... I like it.

Maybe if you hadn't peed on it the day before Derek...

There's no 6th round in the NBA draft #nfldraftjoke

Not sure... let me check with Paula Deen.