Smitty cracks NFP's list of Top 10 3rd round picks


The National Football Post put together a list of their top 3rd round steals, not of all-time, but those that are currently playing in the league. Smitty is an obvious choice, but I was still glad to see him on the list since playing for the Panthers doesn't necessarily boost your national reputation.

Other players to make the list were Rhonde Barber, Lance Briggs, Frank Gore and Jimmy Graham to name a few.

Russell Wilson also made the list. That one could be a bit premature... We'll find out soon I guess.

"Steve Smith—At 5-9, he was considered too short to be a first or second round pick in 2001. The fact that he has been to five Pro Bowls for the Panthers might have helped Tavon Austin be a first-round pick this year."

Many have made similar comments about Tavon Austin. Part of my disinterest in Austin in the 1st round was his inferior measurables when compared to Smith (primarily his vertical). If a player with Smith's measurables and college resume was in this past draft, I think they'd have been drafted ahead of Austin.

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