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2013 NFL Free Agency: Panthers Re-Sign LB Jordan Senn

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The Panthers have made a savvy move to retain special teams captain and linebacker Jordan Senn on an undisclosed deal that will at least cover the 2013 season.


According to a report by Joe Person, linebacker and special teams captain Jordan Senn will be back with the Panthers in 2013.

If the report by Person isn't enough, we also have a tweet from the man himself:

Terms of the deal are currently unknown, but unless the Panthers gave Senn a Charles Johnson type deal this is a smart move. Senn is a great contributor on special teams (he is the ST Captain, after all), and a good rotational linebacker who has definitely earned a spot on the 2013 roster.

Yes, the Panthers are still over the salary cap, but it's a guarantee that they will be under it by the March 12th deadline. Even though they still have some trimming to do, I don't expect Senn's deal to cost that much towards the cap. According to Spotrac his contract for the 2012 season was for $765K, so while he may get a slight bump in pay I don't expect him to get more than $1M to remain in Carolina in 2013.

Stay tuned to CSR for the details of Senn's contract, which we will provide as soon as they are available.