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NFL Mock Draft 2013: Post-Combine two round mock

Strap yourselves in, we're going from 1-64


Between the NFL combine and Kansas City's trade for Alex Smith, the top of the draft got shaken up following Indy. This will be my second-to-last mock prior to the draft itself, and here's a full two rounds for your reading (and jeering) enjoyment.

1. Kansas City Chiefs: Luke Joeckel, OT -- Texas A&M

I don't pretend to know what the Chiefs see in Alex Smith, but they have to protect it -- whatever it is. While not as clean a prospect as Matt Kalil was in 2012, Joeckel is still a strong, technically sound offensive tackle who will keep their quarterback clean for the next decade.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars: Geno Smith, QB -- West Virginia

The Jaguars have a lot of needs, but everything else is background noise when you need a quarterback. Yes, the front office said Blaine Gabbert would get another chance, but remember when Jimmy Clausen was going to get a chance to compete?

3. Oakland Raiders: Barkevious Mingo, DE/OLB -- LSU

Shoehorning talented players into one position is a thing of the past. What's Mingo's true position in the NFL? Sure, it's probably as a 3-4 rush backer, but Von Miller proved that it's best not to be too myopic when looking at prospect. Oakland needs pass rushers, and he's one of the most talented in the class.

4. Philadelphia Eagles: Eric Fisher, OT -- Central Michigan

The Eagles have to protect their quarterbacks, and Fisher fits the bill for a team looking to move in space. Chip Kelly's first order of business will be to fix the offense, and getting a left tackle is the lynch pin for it all.

5. Detroit Lions: Dee Milliner, CB -- Alabama

With a strong defensive front, it's time for the Lions to find an elite cornerback. Some question whether Milliner is that player, but he's still the best of the bunch.

6. Cleveland Browns: Dion Jordan, DE -- Oregon

It's tempting to give Chud an offensive player here, but ultimately I think he waits a year to better evaluate the talent on the roster, and spend some money in free agency. It was an abhorrence that Ray Horton was cast aside in Arizona, and now in Cleveland he gets a much-needed pass rusher.

7. Arizona Cardinals: Matt Barkley, QB -- USC

Remember what I said about QB being the biggest need when you don't have one? This is entirely too early for Barkley to go, but he will not be there for Arizona's second pick. They have a lot of needs, but they'll hope to solidify their OL in later rounds.

8. Buffalo Bills: Cordarelle Patterson, WR -- Tennessee

Always the bridesmaid... the Bills miss on a quarterback yet again. Instead they build from the back-end, and get the receiver regarded to be best-in-class.

9. New York Jets: Ezekiel Ansah, DE -- BYU

The offense is a hot mess, but instead over over-reaching for a player to add to the dumpster fire, Rex Ryan gets a dynamic pass rusher to continue his MO of building a devastating defense. They'll look to trade Darrelle Revis to get more picks to fix their offensive needs.

10. Tennessee Titans: Sharrif Floyd, DT -- Florida

This is a hard one to project because Tennessee could go any number of ways. However, in this scenario they find themselves with one of the top rated players in the draft, and someone who can anchor their defensive line.

11. San Diego Chargers: Lane Johnson, OT -- Oklahoma

Mike McCoy is an offensive guy, and better protecting Philip Rivers is the first step in returning the Chargers to prominence.

12. Miami Dolphins: Keenan Allen, WR -- California

It seems like a no-brainer to give the 'Phins a WR -- and it is. Allen could be the best in class, and it's vital for Miami to find Ryan Tannehill a #1.

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Xavier Rhodes, CB -- Florida State

Last year Greg Schiano's team took steps to reforming their secondary, and this continues with Rhodes. A big, strong cornerback is just what the Bucs need in a division with Roddy White, Julio Jones, and Marques Colston.

14. Carolina Panthers: Star Lotulelei, DT -- Utah

This isn't about the heart issue, but rather a fit issue. Carolina are the benefactors of other teams having bigger fish to fry, and find themselves with a player they could only dream about in months past.

15. New Orleans Saints: Sheldon Richardson, DT -- Missouri

There's such a toss up between the top three DTs in this draft, but it's the Saints who wind up with the best pass rusher. The athletic under tackle is perfect to help rebuild one of the league's worst defenses.

16. St. Louis Rams: Chance Warmack, OG -- Alabama

Is Chance Warmack the most talented player at his position in this entire draft? Probably. Warmack could be a perennial all-pro, but he's a guard and they tend to last.

17. Pittsburgh Steelers: Jesse Williams, DT -- Alabama

Another member of the Crimson Tide is off the board. A new nose tackle is on the cards, and the best in this class is Williams.

18. Dallas Cowboys: Kenny Vaccaro, FS -- Texas

The Cowboys reportedly met with Vaccaro at the combine, and at no.18 it makes too much sense for them to get a new safety. Like the Buccaneers, they're looking to rebuild their secondary too -- and Morris Claiborne and Vaccaro are the catalysts.

19. New York Giants: Tyler Eifert, TE -- Notre Dame

Finding Eli Manning a reliable tight end is of the utmost important moving forward. Eifert is the best of the bunch, and better than anyone the Giants could hope to get in the second round.

20. Chicago Bears: Jonathan Cooper, OG -- North Carolina

How are they going to keep Jay Cutler upright? This is the first step. Cooper is an athletic, skilled player in space -- who can block for Matt Forte and help with Cutler.

21. Cincinnati Bengals: Jonathan Cyprien, SS -- Florida International

There's a theme in the first round of teams bolstering one position in back-to-back drafts. This is another example, as the hard-hitting safety gives the Bengals support in their secondary.

22. St. Louis Rams (from Washington): Tavon Austin, WR -- West Virginia

The Rams continue to build their offense with a dangerous receiver who can work in small spaces. Warmack will buy Bradford time, and if he can get the ball into Austin's hands they're in good shape.

23. Minnesota Vikings: DeAndre Hopkins, WR -- Clemson

They would have loved to get Tavon Austin to become their Percy Harvin 2.0, but alas the draft rarely goes to plan. Instead, the forth receiver of the first round is off the board as Minnesota hope they can develop a passing offense.

24. Indianapolis Colts: Bjoern Werner, DE -- Florida State

This is my candidate for the 'waiting in the green room sad-face'. Werner was pegged as a top-ten pick, but with 4-3 teams not needing defensive ends early, it lines up perfectly for the Colts to lead a charmed life.

25. Seattle Seahawks: Jarvis Jones, OLB -- Georgia

One thing is certain: Seattle will do exactly what they want, and don't care for a second what anyone think about it. At this point they have so much talent across their roster that they have the luxury of taking risks, and the upside of Jones outweighs the risks of spinal stenosis at this position.

26. Green Bay Packers: Damontre Moore, OLB -- Texas A&M

There are questions following the combine, but the Packers see the production over the numbers. Adding another pass rusher is vital in keeping an elite team on top.

27. Houston Texans: Kevin Minter, ILB -- LSU

Words can't describe how annoyed the Texans are. For another year a run on WRs has prevented them from adding talent. Rather than reaching for another WR, they elect to take a solid inside linebacker to bolster their already elite defense.

28. Denver Broncos: Kawann Short, DT -- Purdue

John Fox's team has their pass rushers, but they need to stop the run. Short offers them that force in the middle.

29. New England Patriots: Desmond Trufant, CB -- Washington

The Patriots keep trying to fix their secondary with another CB. Trufant has all the skills a team is looking for, and a great combine solidified him.

30. Atlanta Falcons: Datone Jones, DE -- UCLA

After cutting John Abraham, the Falcons must find more pass rush help. Jones is value at this point, and the strong defensive end is just what the doctor ordered for an already solid team.

31. San Francisco 49ers: Jonathan Banks, CB -- Mississippi State

It's wholly possible the 49ers make a run at Darrelle Revis, but for mocking purposes it's tough to predict trades. San Francisco have one weakness: their secondary. Banks is part of fixing this.

32. Baltimore Ravens: Manti Te'o, LB -- Notre Dame

John Harbaugh can shake his head all he wants. For a team that needs a replacement for Ray Lewis, and has one of the best players at the position sitting at 32 -- it just makes sense. He's not overly athletic, doesn't have great upside -- but he's still a smart player who at best is a good addition.

33. Jacksonville Jaguars: Arthur Brown, OLB -- Kansas State

It seems likely the Jags are moving to a 3-4, but Brown projects as a player who can play inside -- even with his less than ideal size.

34. San Francisco 49ers (from Kansas City): Jonathan Hankins, DT -- Ohio State

It's not even fair the Niners get so many options, but it allows them to take a calculated risk. Hankins may not be an every-down player, but his upside is such that he's worth it as a 5-tech. Gaining more depth on defense is well worth losing depth at QB.

35. Philadelphia Eagles: Alex Okafor, DE -- Texas

The defense gets a value pick as the talented DE stays on the board for the Eagles.

36. Detroit Lions: Alec Ogletree, OLB -- Georgia

Like former Georgia LB Sean Weatherspoon, Ogletree has that rare ability to be an impact player as a 4-3 linebacker. He's had a few off-field issues, but the Lions don't care.

37. Cincinnati Bengals (from Oakland): Eddie Lacy, RB -- Alabama

The Bengals already have a 1,000 yard back in Benjarvus Green-Ellis, but good teams start prepping early. This gives them a future back they can seamlessly transition to.

38. Arizona Cardinals: D.J. Fluker, OT -- Alabama

Deciding to take a QB in round one, they now look to protect him. Fluker isn't a great pass blocker, and has slow feet -- but it's their hope he can develop.

39. New York Jets: Robert Woods, WR -- USC

The Jets have to find a way to improve their offense. The easiest way is to replace Mark Sanchez, but his contract, and the talent available makes that tough.

40. Tennessee Titans: David Amerson, CB -- North Carolina State

Since losing Cortland Finnegan the Titans have been looking for a big corner. After passing on Rhodes in round one, they get their guy in the second.

41. Buffalo Bills: Mike Glennon, QB -- North Carolina State

Two wolfpack back-to-back as the Bills get a developmental QB to try and groom. They'll hope lightning strikes for them.

42. Miami Dolphins: Menelik Watson, OT -- Florida State

Time will tell if they elect to retain Jake Long, but either way they need to better protect Ryan Tannehill.

43. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Zach Ertz, TE -- Stanford

With their defense growing, the Bucs now need a tight end to pair with their growing receiving corps. Ertz here fits the bill perfectly.

44. Carolina Panthers: Matt Elam, SS -- Florida

Is he too much like Charles Godfrey? Absolutely. Does he go for the knock out far too often? Yep. At this point, however, Elam is too good to pass up. Ron Rivera will love his aggressiveness, and the Panthers will hope the off-field concerns are a thing of the past.

45. San Diego Chargers: Sam Montgomery, DE -- LSU

The talent is there, but is the motivation? That's a question the Chargers will hope to answer as they add the talented pass rusher to their defense.

46. St. Louis Rams: Terron Armstead, OT -- Arkansas-Pine Bluff

Happy to be second-round gamblers, the insane athletic tight-end-like ability of Armstead allures the Rams to add more protection. Make no mistake, he's a true offensive lineman -- and that is his role here.

47. Dallas Cowboys: Tank Carradine, DE -- Florida State

Adding more pass rush is a primary concern. As effective as DeMarcus Ware is, time catches up with everyone. The Cowboys are reportedly moving to a 4-3, now they need a 4-3 end.

48. Pittsburgh Steelers: Quinton Patton, WR -- Louisiana Tech

I hate it when a good plan comes together for another team. The Steelers get a high-upside player in the second round, and a guy some believe could become the best WR of the class with time and tutelage.

49. New York Giants: John Jenkins, DT -- Georgia

Yes, Jenkins may better fit a 3-4 front. However, at this point he's value for a team that loves it. The man is a human black hole, and through density alone will make life easier for New York's defensive ends.

50. Chicago Bears: Kyle Long, OT -- Oregon

Protection, protection, protection. Nothing else matters until they get that issue rectified.

51. Washington Redskins: Eric Reid, FS -- LSU

The Skins finally make a pick, and elect to upgrade one of their two much-lacking safety positions.

52. Minnesota Vikings: Tyler Wilson, QB -- Arkansas

A tough pick that could go any number of ways, yet again we're applying QB logic here. It's hard to know if Christian Ponder will ever be 'the guy', but the rookie cap allows teams to keep throwing at a wall until they get it worked out. Like Jacksonville before them, they look to fix their woes.

53. Cincinnati Bengals: Barrett Jones, C -- Alabama

Kyle Cook is a decent option, but for the long-term the Bengals could do a lot worse than getting Jones at this point. He gives them more protection up the middle, which is vital for Andy Dalton.

54. Miami Dolphins: Jamar Taylor, CB -- Boise State

After trading Vontae Davis, the Dolphins are in need of more help for their secondary.

55. Green Bay Packers: Terrance Williams, WR -- Baylor

No team better understands the need to keep a stable of excellent receivers than the Packers. With Greg Jennings likely leaving via free agency, they add a big-bodied option to keep their offense clicking.

56. Seattle Seahawks: Giovani Bernard, RB -- North Carolina

Leon Washington is 30-years-old, so why not look to the future to get a dangerous special teams player, who can be the perfect change of pace back.

57. Houston Texans: Justin Hunter, WR -- Tennessee

At this point they're desperate for a WR, and take a calculated risk that Hunter isn't too lean to make an impact.

58. Denver Broncos: Jordan Poyer, CB -- Oregon State

It's time prepare for life after Champ Bailey. No, a second rounder won't fill that void, but it's a start. They'll have to keep trying with their secondary until satisfied they have their corners.

59. New England Patriots: Ryan Swope, WR -- Texas A&M

In one of those moves that just makes too much sense, the Patriots grab the speedster. Is it a little lazy to simple say "He's like Wes Welker"? Yep... but I'm a lazy man.

60. Atlanta Falcons: Vance McDonald, TE -- Rice

There's a theme in this draft of preparing for eventual retirement. That theme continues as the Falcons hope to give Matt Ryan a target in a post-Tony Gonzalez world.

61. San Francisco 49ers: Margus Hunt, DT/DE -- SMU

I hate the 49ers, and by extension hate Kansas City for giving them so many talented players. Do they need him? Nope. As Jim Harbaugh showed with Alex Smith, any upgrade is enough for them.

62. Baltimore Ravens: Travis Fredrick, C -- Wisconsin

Matt Birk is retiring, and they need more help inside. This team barely needs anything, and at this point Fredrick is pure value -- exactly what Ozzie Newsome abuses in the draft.