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These Panthers Refuse to be Intimidated

Hey you can line up across from these guys and think you can talk smack and they will fold. Good luck with that.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

In the 2nd half of the Panthers 30-15 win over the Rams DE Robert Quinn had an opportunity to lay the wood on Panthers QB Cam Newton and he did't pull up. Newton tried to shake the hit off but he ended up taking a knee and eventually walked off the field for a play.

It wasn't long before Newton was pacing the sideline waiting to get back in the game. There was a delay on the next play finally getting called but once that play went off it became clear the Panther offense was not happy about that hit. First off LT Jordan Gross ignored the whistle and was battling Quinn with a little added malice. Things then got rowdy as other players from both teams rushed to the scene with a flag eventually getting throw on Rams DE Chris Long. Long ended up getting ejected but the message was sent long before that. You will not take a cheap shots the Panther star QB without repercussions.It reminded me of baseball and when a player gets hit you can expect the opposing pitcher to hit one of the other teams players.

I have so much respect for LT Jordan Gross right now. You mess with Cam and this team will bring it right back at you so just know it and know I warned you!

On the other side of the ball the Panthers have a juggernaut at free safety who has no concern for his body. S Mike Mitchell will lay the wood so to speak and count me as one guy happy the Panthers landed this free agent. I just love the attitude he brings to the table and the fact he is playing smart as well. You could say he goaded the Rams into at least 2 penalties. Hey at some point those plays might turn against us but so far he has been a great addition to the secondary.

This Panther team is fun to watch and I like the attitude they bring to field. Now at 3-3 they need to keep this going playing like there is not tomorrow!