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Panthers Name Blackburn Starting WLB

Panthers HC Ron Rivera confirms that LB chase Blackburn has moved ahead of Jon Beason and is now the starting WLB.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Beason started the first two games but struggled in coverage giving way to Blackburn in the Giants game.

Chase Blackburn officially listed ahead of Jon Beason - ESPN
"Right now, Chase has got the lead," Rivera said as he prepared for Sunday's game at Arizona. "A big part of it is Chase is a little more comfortable at it right now. Jon is still trying to get back in football shape."

'Football shape' is code from Rivera for 'a step slow still'. Beason issue may not be entirely physical, he is adjusting to a position he has not played in a while after moving over from the middle. Don;t count Beason out just yet though. I think he will still come up big for us before this season is over. In the meantime though I'm comfortable with the veteran Blackburn at the weakside for now.