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CSR Week 4 Fantasy Football Smack Talk Open Thread Contest

My Cardiac Cats took down DeLong-est Yard in what turned out to be a preview of this weeks Broncos - Jaguars match-up. Even Yahoo calls this one like it was...a wipe out!


So you know how I roll...I'm here to talk smack about. If you won a big match-up in your fantasy match-up feel free to use this thread to talk smack about it.

Cardiac Cats took down DeLong-est Yard 126.46 - 105.74 thanks to Adrian Peterson who put up 28.00 points and Tony Romo who scored 23.26. DeLong-est Yard is headed for a lost season, and doesn't have a win to speak of yet. DeLong-est Yard was coming off a 121.76 - 63.30 loss against Kalil Me Maybe and saw their scoring ratchet up this week. Cardiac Cats (3-1, 447.30 points) climbs into third place and DeLong-est Yard (0-4, 317.96 points) stays in the cellar.

The Cats are now firmly in control of Division 1 in CSR 1. Of course, I have to twist the knife just a little:

Toyota Missed Opportunities by DeLong-est Yard

  • Left Danny Woodhead on the bench, where he scored 20.60 points to beat his scoring projection by 160.4%, the eighth-highest percentage in the league.
  • DeLong-est Yard picked up Jason Snelling, who then fell short of his 8.41-point projection by scoring 3.40 points.
  • With 4.30 points against a projected 9.13, Jason Witten did not meet his projection for the third straight game.
  • With 1.70 points, Ray Rice had his lowest output of the season and tallied just 14.0% of his 12.11 projected points, his lowest percentage of the year.

Myself on the other hand, my line-up changes were golden:

Smooth Moves by Cardiac Cats

  • Adrian Peterson had the best RB score of the week and the third-highest RB score in the league this season with 28.00 points.
  • Sat David Wilson, who scored 6.30 points, fewer than any RB in the starting lineup.
  • Took the New England Patriots Defense out of the starting lineup, which scored 2.00 points on the bench, fewer than the starting DEF.

My Hog Mollies in CSR13 also notched a victory.

Hog Mollies (2-2, 434.06 points) defeated Macz Catz (1-3, 425.36 points) 134.12 - 105.80, putting up the highest score for the week. Hog Mollies was the first to put points on the board and by Sunday was already in front 24.40 - 0. The lead was lost by the end of the Sunday night game and Macz Catz had a 105.80 - 93.40 edge. However, Hog Mollies pulled out the victory with a comeback on Monday night.

I love the MNF comebacks. Overall I went 4-0 on the week in FFL with a combined record of 11-5. Now if only I could string a few weeks like this together. No problem is these other players don't begin to step up!

This is Now an Open Smack Talk Thread! and...

Let's have a contest! Please Rec those comments with the best smack talk, staying within the Terms of Service obviously. Clean smack talk is the toughest to deliver and is best when combined with pictures or GIF's. I know you won't disappoint me. Let's see who gets the most Rec's over the next couple days, let's say Sunday at 10am.