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Canceled: Cat Scratch Radio

Sorry but due to the fact Talkshoe sucks yet again I am unable to launch the show tonight. The site is just a pile of garbage and I'm done with them. Back to Blog Talk Radio next week. My apologies.

1. Follow this link to listen, chat or even join the conversation through Talkshoe. You'll need a headset with a mic to talk if you don't dial in via land line (see below). A cell phone will work but usually the quality of the call presents a problem. If you don't plan to talk please self-mute your line to reduce background noise.

2. Dial in via land line at (724) 444-7444 ...Call ID: 94648 to just listen or talk as well. You can also follow the chat at the same time through the link above. If you join the chat please take time to include your user name. You can do both as well, chat via Talkshoe and dial in via land line to talk. Again, if you don't plan to talk or have background noise please mute your mic on your end.

All Callers Welcome!

If you should miss the show you can always download the first hour of any past show and listen by following this link.

Tonight's Hosts: Jaxon and Shankdiddy

On tonight's docket:

  • Bye Week News & notes
  • Injury Updates
  • Preview: Panthers vs Cardinals
  • Fantasy Starts and Sits
  • Other Panther news & discussion
  • Best of CSR for the last week

We will continue with a 90 minute show tonight after which we will open up the mic for the after party [adult language probable]. We will have a hard stop around midnight EST.

So join us for a little fun and Panther camaraderie!

Keep Pounding!