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Carolina Panthers coaching news: Rob Chudzinski and Sean McDermott are safe

The Panthers fire one coach, but retain two coordinators.


According to a report, the Carolina Panthers are making some shift in their coaching staff -- but offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski and defensive coordinator Sean McDermott are safe, and will be working for the Panthers in 2013.

In a report from Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer, the Carolina Panthers have fired running back coach John Settle. Coming from Wisconsin in 2011, the assumption was that his strong North-South running philosophy would gel well in Carolina, but the result was anything but. Running backs looked slow in their cuts, and often appeared to be running at brick walls.

Carolina managed to finish 9th in the NFL in rushing, but this was largely on the back of a 210 yard performance from DeAngelo Williams in the season finale, paired with Cam Newton's running ability.

Fans have been wondering since the close of the season if the Panthers would part ways with offensive coordinator Chudzinski. His often mad-capped approach to play calling hamstrung the offense early in the season, but he managed to settle them down in the final two months which resulted in the Panthers' best football. A hot coaching commodity following the 2010 season, feelings around the league have cooled on Chud. With the firing of Norv Turner in San Diego, some wondered if he could arrive in Carolina to lead the offense -- but today's news kills that possibility.