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Mike Shula promoted to Panthers Offensive Coordinator

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The Panthers have named their Offensive Coordinator for the 2013 season, and to the surprise of no one it's none other than former QB Coach Mike Shula.


As reported by Joseph Person on Twitter, the Panthers have promoted QB Coach Mike Shula to Offensive Coordinator for the 2013 season. Claiming they wanted to keep continuity with Cam Newton and the offense, the Panthers chose Shula over more qualified candidates Hue Jackson and Pat Shurmur.

Mike Shula hasn't been an NFL Coordinator since he was the OC of the Buccaneers from 1996-1999. Those Buccaneer teams weren't very good on offense either; ranking 30th, 23rd, and 18th in the league in scoring offense respectively. Why the Panthers feel that Shula is the best man for the job over a guy like Hue Jackson is puzzling at best, but we're also basing our feelings on the assumption that Jackson wanted the job in the first place.

It has been reported that he was indeed interested in taking the position that was vacated when Rob Chudzinski left for greener pastures in Cleveland, but if that's the case then I don't understand why the Panthers would go in a different direction, especially when that direction is to promote someone who isn't as qualified to do the job.

At any rate, we're stuck with Shula for the time being. The most we can hope for is that the offense doesn't fall off a cliff, because if it does the entire coaching staff could be in the unemployment line this time next year.

The one good thing that came out of the promotion of Shula is that Ricky Proehl was also promoted today from Assistant WR Coach to WR Coach; so at least there's that.

As always, stay tuned to CSR for any breaking updates and further analysis on this interesting scenario.