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2nd Round Mock Draft- 1.0

This morning I looked at the first round, now lets head into the second.

1.33- St. Louis Rams: Mike Adams, OT- Ohio State

Adams looked average at the combine, and during his pro day, but at this stage he's the next best OL available. There are still some who think he can be a solid NFL LT, and the Rams will gamble this will be the case.

1.34- Indianapolis Colts: Rueben Randle, WR- LSU

Reggie Wayne is back, which is good- but the Colts have to find some weapons for Andrew Luck they take Randle hoping he can develop into a #1 receiver.

1.35- Minnesota Vikings: Brandon Boykin, CB- Georgia

The Vikes made the smart choice in the 1st round with Kalil, so now they look to solidify their pass defense. Boykin is a player not every mock has going this early, but scouts love. He's a solid pick here.

1.36- Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Lavonte David, OLB- Nebraska

After taking Richardson in the first the Bucs go for the best linebacker available in the second round. They have a huge need at OLB, and David would plug that hole immediately.

1.37- Cleveland Browns: Doug Martin, RB- Boise State

A small, but bruising RB- Martin has drawn comparisons to our own Jonathan Stewart. The Browns hope this comparison rings true after passing on Richardson in the 1st round. He'll add a spark to a dilapidated offense.

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1.38- Jacksonville Jaguars: Andre Branch, DE- Clemson

After passing on Coples in the first round and going offense, they swing back at get a 4-3 DE to help them on defense.

1.39- St. Louis Rams: Brandon Thompson, DT- Clemson

Two tigers back-to-back as Jeff Fisher goes to his comfort zone and takes a DT. With Chris Long and Robert Quinn as their top pass rushers they don't need a dominant DT, but a reliable one who eats space and makes those around him better. To this end Thompson is perfect.

1.40- Carolina Panthers: Amini Silatolu, G- Midwestern State

We have the road-map that the Panthers will go BPA, so they follow the plan to this end. The offensive line is hugely devoid of talent, particularly at the guard spot and Silatolu is player with an insane amount of upside who is already one of the top guards in the draft. The DTs available aren't guaranteed to be better than anyone currently on the roster, and taking a CB in this spot is a crap-shoot. Sensibility prevails in the top two picks as both sides of the line are bolstered.

1.41- Buffalo Bills: Josh Robinson, CB- Central Florida

The Bills continue to add to their defense in the hopes they will find offensive value later. They need another DB, and Robinson fits here.

1.42- Miami Dolphins: Mohamed Sanu, WR- Rutgers

The Dolphins now have their QB of the future, but trading Brandon Marshall was a misstep that will take them time to recover from. Sanu is the start of this process as they hope he can become a future #1 receiver.

1.43- Seattle Seahawks: Mychal Kendricks, LB- Cal

The Seahawks miss on Kuechly in the first, so they follow up with Kendricks in the second. He is a solid player who isn't as far behind Kuechly as some like to think.

1.44 Kansas City Chiefs: Alameda Ta'amu, NT- Washington

Right now this team is relying on Kelly Gregg at nose tackle, and he's 35 years old. The Chiefs must address the NT spot, and Ta'amu fits the bill perfectly.

1.45 Dallas Cowboys: Alfonzo Dennard, CB- Nebraska

There are rumblings the Cowboys like Claiborne in the 1st, but that's not going to happen. They address the spot here and add the best CB available.

1.46 Philadelphia Eagles: Mitchell Schwartz, OT- Cal

This is a necessitous pick as much as anything. At this point Schwartz is a huge reach, but after him the OT talent falls off a cliff. They'll take him early to plug holes at the position due to injury.

1.47 New York Jets: David Wilson, RB- Virginia Tech

BPA and need meet as the Jets get a second RB to shape their offensive identity, and he offers a reliable player at the position.

1.48 New England Patriots: Chandler Jones, DE- Syracuse

The Pats continue to add to their defense with a versatile pass rusher in Jones.

1.49 San Diego Chargers: Orson Charles, TE- Georgia

Antonio Gates is still a beast, but he's also 31 years old. This will allow the Chargers to use two reliable TEs in their passing game, and in time have a replacement for Gates.

1.50 Chicago Bears: Lamar Miller, RB- Miami

The Bears have screwed over Matt Forte on a contract offer too many times. It wouldn't surprise me if he plans to walk on principal alone at this stage. To help mitigate this risk the Bears add Miller.

1.51 Philadelphia Eagles: Zach Brown, OLB- North Carolina

The Eagles get value at this stage and add to their defense further. They had to reach to get the OT a few picks before, but the value of Brown at this point makes up for it.

1.52 Tennessee Titans: Bobby Wagner, LB- Utah

Another value defensive pick here helps to reshape the Titans LB corps.

1.53 Cincinnati Bengals: Jayron Hosley, CB- Virginia Tech

The Bengals add someone across from Leon Hall who helps to fill the Jonathan Joseph void.

1.54 Detroit Lions: Zebrie Sanders, OT- Florida State

The Lions take Sanders who is decent value at this stage. They'll hope he can become their future starting RT.

1.55 Atlanta Falcons: Kelechi Osemele, G- Iowa State

A bruising RG to lead block for Michael Turner is just what the doctor ordered here.

1.56 Pittsburgh Steelers: Harrison Smith, S- Notre Dame

On a team that needs almost nothing they add the best DB available. He'll give Ryan Clark a run for his money, and learn tricks from Polamalu.

1.57 Denver Broncos: Jerel Worthy, DT- Michigan State

It's Fox's MO to fix the lines, this is a continuation of that process.

1.58 Houston Texans: Marvin Jones, WR- Cal

The Texans need another receiver, and Jones is value here. He'll start across from Andre Johnson and the Texans will hope he can develop into a #1 if needed.

1.59 Green Bay Packers: Shea McClellin, OLB- Boise State

The Packers get a valuable pass rusher to pair with Clay Matthews. Here it's a great pick.

1.60 Baltimore Ravens: Jamell Fleming, CB- Oklahoma

The Ravens don't need much on defense, but what they do need they're solidifying here.

1.61 San Francisco 49ers: Vinny Curry, OLB- Marshall

This may be overkill on a stout 49ers defense, but he's the BPA here.

1.62 New England Patriots: Brian Quick, WR- Appalachian State

This is the kind of pick Belichick makes. Quick is a slight risk, but has immense upside. The Patriots don't need a WR who can step in day one, so he'll get to learn the nuances of the game.

1.63 New York Giants: Kevin Zeitler, G- Wisconsin

This is a solid pick here for the Giants and Zeitler can bolster their offensive line, while adding depth.