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Chris Gamble is Awesome: Advanced Charting Praises Panthers CB

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This morning we took at look at the woeful performance of Captain Munnerlyn in 2011, so let's bring it full circle and be a little happier with an examination of Chris Gamble, who looked amazing last season. I was hoping Gamble looked as good in advanced charting and he did during the eye test, and we weren't let down. These are the same metrics Captain Munnerlyn was evaluated under. If you need a glossary please consult this morning's post.

- Charted Targets: 61

- Yards per pass: 6.2 (15th in the NFL)- Down from 6.7 in 2010

- Success Rate: 66% (5th in the NFL)- Up from 39% in 2010

- YAC: 2.9 (23rd in the NFL)- Down from 4.4 in 2010

Overall rank: 14th

Given that Gamble was asked to be in man coverage almost exclusively in 2011 it's easy to see why the yards per pass, and YAC would be a little higher. It's that success rate that really shows how dominant Gamble was in 2011. This means that opposing offenses only got a good play 34% of the time, and here's some food for thought: Darrelle Revis' success rate was 62%. That's right, in 2011 Gamble was better.

Hats off to Chris Gamble, and here's hoping he gets some help from the player on the other side in 2012- whoever that is.