Epic Story Time

I just had a delightful little moment that I must share with the fine community at CSR. I’ve been in New Orleans the past few days for an interview and as I’m sitting in the airport waiting to fly back into Charlotte I see a familiar face. A smug, pill popping face wearing sunglasses and a white T-Shirt. He’s on his phone, chewing gum and pacing back and forth. I’m sure I recognize this face.

I walk to the bar to have a couple doubles of whiskey, head back to my gate and sit directly across from satan himself. They go to board and he gets on first. Shortly after, it’s my turn to board. When I walk on the plane he’s sitting the very first seat to my right, leaning slightly into the aisle and playing on his phone. This is my moment. I’ll do it for Panthernation, I told myself.

As I closed in on the medicine man I turned my left hip forward and leaned to the right, casually pressing my balls against his play calling right arm as I squeezed past. Mission accomplished. I pseudo-tea bagged Sean Payton.

You’re welcome.



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