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Greg Hardy gives the Atlanta Falcons more motivation, says Panthers are better team

Oh boy...


Confidence is a beautiful thing, hubris isn't. Speaking with the media today, Carolina Panthers' defensive end Greg Hardy said that the Panthers are a better team than the Atlanta Falcons -- the team who clinched the NFC South last week with their victory over the New Orleans Saints.

Alright, surely there has to be a misunderstanding here. I bet that Hardy meant he thinks they're more talented, but haven't executed, or that their quarterback has more athletic ability. I bet that's what the Kraken meant.


I'm all for self-belief, and I think more bad blood between teams inside the division is good -- but please guys, don't go to the media with it. Seriously, when was the last time a member of this team speaking publicly went well? Carolina are only now escaping the shadow of Ryan Kalil's Superbowl prediction, and to give an 11-1 team motivation to demolish you isn't really the best move one can make.

We'll see this weekend if the Falcons have a little more motivation to run up the score. Remember, this is a team already carrying a chip on their shoulder by numerous analysts calling them pretenders, and statements like this will ensure they wont be lulled into a trap game.