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Carolina Panthers send Sherrod Martin to IR, make roster moves because why not?

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More roster moves abound!


The cliche 'shuffling deckchairs on the Titanic' could accurately describe Carolina's roster moves since firing Marty Hurney. Everyone's had that teenage job where they're forced to look busy while the owner walks around, well the Panthers' front-office has been behaving that way for weeks, leading to today's latest rash of roster moves that don't make the team better, or worse -- just blah.

Sherrod Martin went to IR as expected with his multitude of ligament injuries. He was joined by defensive end Antwan Applewhite, a weekly staple on the team's injury report. With four weeks left in the 2012 season, these both made sense. From here it gets a little odd.

Offensive guard Jeremy Bridges was cut, presumably because they fed him after midnight. What's so confusing about cutting Bridges was that weight issues aside, he actually looked pretty good in the few snaps since the Panthers brought him on board. So, it looks like more Jeff Byers and Garry Williams -- huzzah.

The hits keep on coming.

Armond Smith (RB) was activated to the 53 man roster, which is either a sign they want to see more of the young back, or Ron Rivera and Brandon Beane are writing up a statement as we speak that Jonathan Stewart is headed to IR; we'll see how that pans out. Thomas Austin (C) was promoted to the 53 man roster also, which officially means we've hit the 'What's gonna stick?' part of the season. It will be interesting to see if they try Austin at center this week, moving Geoff Hangartner back to right guard.

But wait, there's more!

To replace Smith and Austin on the practice squad, Kendric Burney is back! Remember Burney? The North Carolina cornerback who was supposed to supplant Chris Gamble with his awesomeness? We'll see how that works out this time. Dominic Alford, formerly of the Cleveland Browns also joins the PS, because we were dipping dangerously close to our former Browns quota.

Welcome the new guy!

Mario Addison joins the Panthers' 53-man roster after being signed off the Washington Redskins' practice squad. He played 3-4 outside linebacker, and that's his natural position. In four years he has ten total tackles -- yep, ten. So welcome Mario, you're the new Antwan Applewhite!