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Panthers vs. Eagles Injury Report

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The Panthers will have a significant advantage Monday Night when they face an Eagles team playing without some key players.


The Panthers on the other hand will be fairly healthy. Only DE Antwan Applewhite remains out as he has the past few weeks. Otherwise Greg Hardy is recovering from an illness but is expected to play.

The Eagles on the other hand will be without starting QB Michael Vick and RB LeSean McCoy. Missing McCoy is a huge break for the Panthers and their lagging run defense.

In other news, expect to see Garry Williams at RG but newly signed Jeremy Bridges will see his first action:

Williams to start at RG, Bridges to see action
"He's looked good," Rivera said. "You can see his football conditioning is coming back. That was one of the concerns we had last week. "Jeremy will get some reps, but we'll start off with Garry Williams."