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Panther Paw Prints: Get to the Stadium Early Edition

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Lots of Panthers fans are complaining about the security delay getting into the stadium for the Seahawks game. The added security caused many to miss the kick off. This addition of Paw Prints discusses that fan feedback and other prints across the internet.

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A Panther fan Keith and many CSR members have mentioned the excessive wait time getting into the Seahawks game:

Frustrated by Panthers’ line? So is ‘Keith’ |
"The security to get in the stadium is horrible," wrote Keith, who did not want his last name published. "It took my wife and I 30 minutes to get through the North Gate at 3:35 p.m. We missed the opening kickoff. This is why the crowd is so late arriving. The staff working the gate acted if they were getting paid by the hour. No sense of urgency at all and in fact I saw three or four yellow-jacket folks standing around talking. I can tell you that I will not go through that again."

They say 70% of the crowd waits till the last 30 minutes to enter the stadium. So we are the wine, cheese and fashionably late crowd? Ha! Seriously, there is no such thing as being 'fashionably late' to a football game! Chug that last beer and walk in 35 minutes early!

Speaking of the Cowboys game, we really need this guy to get untracked:

Still Limping Through Season, Running Back Jonathan Stewart Remains A Key To Panthers’ Success " CBS Charlotte
"We didn’t even consider it," General Manager Marty Hurney said at the time. "He’s a valuable player for us. All you have to do is look is look at his production. I think you look at it as if you try to add as many weapons as possible on offense, regardless of position. And Jonathan and DeAngelo have been a proven to be a solid 1-2 punch for us. They have been a proven commodity, and we wanted to make sure we didn’t lose Jonathan."

Can we please use the 1-2 punch this weekend instead of punches 3 - 36? Let's just punch them straight in the mouth!

Tolbert says here in week 7 it's already 'crunch time'...I think I agree:

The Rocky Mount Telegram

Offensively, the Panthers need to get their running game going, something they haven’t done on a consistent basis under second-year quarterback Cam Newton. "We have a sense of urgency," fullback Mike Tolbert said. "We don’t have any more bye weeks. We’re here, in this locker room, throughout the rest of the year. So we have to come out now and get a win. "It’s crunch time," he said.

Injured and out for the year C Ryan Kalil has at least been active on Twitter:

Carolina Panthers: Positive Vibes Keep Coming from an Injured Leader
Via @RyanKalil, "Panther fans, we understand your frustrations this season. It’s our responsibility to earn your support & the only way to do that is to win." Kalil added to his previous Tweet: "Winning is, and always will be our highest priority, and we are close as we continue to work harder to become the team you deserve."

While I appreciate Ryan's message, its just hard to swallow sitting at 1-4 when we thought we would be better, even if not much better.

This last one is not really Panthers related but more shows why I'm not a NFL talent scout. Why? I really wanted this guy in the draft:

Chris Williams, ex-Bears first-round pick, released -
Williams was a disappointment. After 16 underwhelming starts at left tackle in 2009, he was moved to left guard. He started another 22 games over the next two seasons at the position, battling injuries and consistency issues from beginning to end.

We instead took J-Stew but then later traded up to grab Otah...hmmm, at least he lasted longer than Otah. ;)

Keep Pounding!