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Panthers Richardson: "We Will Go Wide Open" in Free Agency

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So how long have we been waiting to hear this Panther fans:

"First we want to be very aggressive and (general manager) Marty Hurney and his team have a plan and when we get the green light we will be going wide open," Richardson said. "We’re going to concentrate on our own (free agents) first.
"(But) we’re going to be aggressive. We are prepared to do what it takes to put the best team together as quickly as we can."

He's not just talking about our own players, who do have priority, but other teams free agents too. Richardson went on to elaborate about the rookie salary scale and the owners thoughts on how to better distribute the money:

We want to pay the money to the proven veteran players," Richardson said. "The rookies, 50 percent of them, don’t make it. And it’s more efficient to spend the money (on the veteran players). The money doesn’t flow through the owners, it flows through to the veteran players for redistribution."

He also addresses the Steve Smith situation...after the jump...

Well, though he doesn't answer the question as to what will happen with Smitty, he does show some love:

"I have no idea," Richardson said. "I love Steve, but I will be honest with you, Steve has not been in the forefront of my mind."

Stay tuned for more updates...

So Hurney has a plan and he's just ready for the 'GO!" sign! I would love to see his FA hit list right now. Wonder who's at the top of his non-Panther FA list?