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Could Terrelle Pryor be an unlikely fit for the Carolina Panthers?

A few weeks ago on CSR Radio we discussed the possibility of the Panthers selecting Ohio State QB Terrelle Pryor in the supplemental draft to groom as a potential backup for the Carolina Panthers. On the surface it seems like an insane idea- after all, the Panthers just invested a 2nd round pick in Jimmy Clausen and a 6th round pick in Tony Pike, Pryor would be tantamount to the 4th QB selected in two years. However, it may make more sense than you think.

Let there be no mistake- Pryor is, at best a poor man's Cam Newton, but as a backup isn't that exactly what you would want? Both players have similar builds (Pryor is 6'6", 233lbs and Newton is 6'6", 248lbs) and have similar skill sets. Both are strong armed, extremely athletic QBs who can use their arms and their legs, furthermore, both were asked to use their legs to make plays and did so effectively. Granted, there are some off field issues for Pryor, but in a draft where we took Cam Newton and Brandon Hogan it seems that playing ability trumps character for this coaching staff who seem ready and willing to help these players mature. 

After the jump I'll give three more reasons why it makes a lot of sense.


Tip of the hat to Bharris for his fanpost

1. First round talent, fifth round value

As it stands most analysts say Pryor would cost a team a 5th round pick in the supplemental draft. Let's compare this with another talented, yet character flawed QB Ryan Mallett. The New England Patriots were universally praised for getting value in Mallett whether they choose to start him, or let him learn and trade him in the future. It would behoove the Panthers to take Pryor, let him learn in their system and trade him in 2-3 years to a QB starved team for a 2nd or 3rd round pick. Ultimately, losing a 5th rounder in 2012 is far less valuable than the return one would get.


2. Maybe he isn't a QB

There is a line of thinking that Pryor isn't really suited to play QB in the NFL, and that his true position may be at tight end. Well, the Carolina Panthers still have a glaring need at TE. Again, if we're looking at a 5th round pick you're looking at getting a 6'6", TE sized player with 4.4 speed. Chudzinski is used to working with TEs and coaching them up, so he could ease the transition. That's a lot of athleticism for a low price.


3. Schematic synergy

Really, this is just a fancy way of saying 'you don't need to change much'. Should something befall Cam Newton like injury, or he does take a little while to grasp the play book you have a guy who can step in and somewhat emulate what Newton is able to do on the field. The overall change in philosophy from moving from Newton to Clausen is vast, whereas with Pryor all the same plays would still apply. In the end you have a much more cohesive offense and cohesion breeds success.


What do you think CS community? Could Terrelle Pryor be a good option for the Panthers?