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Steve Smith Mocks His Critics; Impressed with Newton

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Yesterday while fielding questions during his football camp Steve Smith mocked his critics who suggest the 32 year old receiver has lost a step:

"Obviously, skills are diminishing, losing a step. So we'll see," Smith said, mocking critics. "We'll see how many 24-year-olds can cover a 32-year-old, 4.3 runner, wide receiver who wasn't supposed to be here anyway."

This is vintage Steve Smith, the guy who at times feigns being insulted in order to draw motivation from it. Rest assured doubters out there, Steve Smith is still one of top receivers in the game. In my opinion, if he gets the looks in the passing game he poised for a fantastic season.

I was hoping people would make it clear during this football camp that Smith is very much wanted back in Carolina, but I didn't expect Cam newton to be this direct about it:

After the Georgia native acknowledged he grew up a Falcons fan, Newton stressed he wanted to go to Carolina because it had the top pick. Then Newton turned to Smith and said, "And I wanted to have someone great to throw to."

Come on Smitty, how can you turn that down? Smith later threw some praise Newton's way, something we are used to hearing from the little receiver with the high bar:

"His athleticism speaks for itself," Smith said. "You can see an athlete walk in the door. He doesn't have to wear a sign or a jersey. You can tell if a guy can play or if he can't."

So Smith can already tell Newton can play? I'm sure he's just keying off of Newton's obvious athleticism, but do you think there is a small chance that Smith already senses the 'it' factor in Newton? Like I said, Smith holds everyone else to the high bar he sets for himself. He is rarely gratuitous in his praise of other players, especially guys that have yet to strap on a Pro helmet. This just might be the start of one famous connection in Carolina:

Newton to Smith....TOUCHDOWN!

Hat tip to MMA_Pitbull for being the first to post this link as a fanshot!