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Could Kevin Kolb be on the Panthers radar?

While we know that no player can be traded without a CBA in place, there is a chance that if the courts side with players on April 6th that everything may begin rolling and players can be traded. As it stands Kevin Kolb looks to be the #1 QB looking for a home.

Kolb is a polarizing QB. For some he's the next big thing, while others think he is utterly over hyped. Today said "Trading for Kevin Kolb a better bet than any rookie", and they're 100% right. Any QB in this draft requires a certain leap of faith to know whether or not they can handle the NFL. Meanwhile, Kolb has games to his name like he did last year against Atlanta (23/29, 326 yards, 3 TD, 1 INT).

If you're the conspiracy theory type it's important to note that since becoming head coach the only question Ron Rivera has dodged has been when Joseph Person asked him if the Panthers were interested. He quickly changed the subject saying something to the effect of 'We'll be exploring all options'. 

As it stands it appears the team most likely to deal are the Arizona Cardinals. While the Cardinals seem reluctant to use their #5 overall pick to acquire him, there was some talk this morning on ESPN radio that Andy Reed and the Eagles may accept a 2012 1st round pick, and an additional player for their backup QB.

Where would Carolina fit it? The first step would be finding out if the Panthers are sold on Kolb to the point where they would trade for him. This year that seems like a stretch, but if they traded back a few spaces while amassing a few picks then maybe a 1st round swap would be enough to entice the #23 Eagles to move up into the top 5?

Tip of the hat to BEVE for his fanshot that inspired this post.