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Breaking News - Our first Wonder"leak"; Ricky Stanzi, QB, Iowa

Rick Stanzi
Rick Stanzi

Honestly, I'm not trying to come off as the #1 fan or Agent for Ricky Stanzi (I've never seen the kid play), but it so happens that my source (R.C. Fischer) has obtained Stanzi's Wonderlic score from a reliable source.  So, whether you want him to be a Panther or not, you have to be at least somewhat intrigued about the guys potential.  For the full article... Stanzi Wonderlic

Exerpts are shown below the jump, but as always I encourage you to read the full article, as it contains a lot of additional relevant content...

Note: There's also a new pre-wonderlic analyis of Andy Dalton.  Good passing numbers, size not optimal: Read the rest Here.

I have it from a very reliable source that Ricky Stanzi has scored a 30 on his Wonderlic test at the NFL Combine, which is above the critical levels on the Wonderlic test for a College QB. Stanzi scored above the level that most NFL GM's and NFL "War Rooms" consider a key piece of positive background/scouting information for a prospective NFL QB.

Our statistical analysis/algorithm of the 2011 College QBs rated Ricky Stanzi as the #1 overall QB for this year's NFL Draft (it was a surprise to us too). That lofty/shocking rating for Stanzi was on a data assumption that he would score above our systems critical level of 25 or higher on the Wonderlic. We can confirm with very high confidence that he has surpassed that hurdle with flying colors

For Reference sake, Peyton Manning and Brees both scored a 28.

For further reference sake, Peyton Manning and Brees both scored a 28; Rottenburger scored 25;
Brady scored a 33; Rodgers scored 35


How Stanzi Stacks Up in Other Notorious QB-Predictor Models...?

Besides confirming our original analysis on Stanzi, there is another high profile College QB theory that the Stanzi Wonderlic score of 30 now confirms:

The "26-27-60" College QB theory? Stanzi = Passed

  1. 26 or greater scored on the Wonderlic = PASS (Stanzi at 30)

  2. 27 games started in college = PASS (Stanzi started 35 games according to

  3. 60% or greater completion percentage PASS = (Stanzi finished his career at 59.8%, I would be comfortable giving him a passing grade there)

Bill Parcells would like Ricky Stanzi as well...

The Bill Parcells College QB litmus test? Stanzi = Passed

  1. Be a minimum 3 year starter = PASS (after sharing time for the first 4 games, Stanzi wrestled the full starting job away from Jake Christensen the rest of his Sophomore season)

  2. Has at least 23 wins in his career = PASS (a 26-9 overall career record for a 74.2% winning percentage, according to

  3. Plays his senior season = PASS (played/started from his Sophomore to Senior Season, including winning all 3 of his Bowl Game appearances)

  4. College Graduate = PASS (Completed Degree in December 2010)

 What 2011 QB's can pass both "26-27-60 Test" and the Parcells litmus test?

We don't know all the QB Wonderlic scores yet. We can only confirm that Greg McElroy, Blaine Gabbert, and Ricky Stanzi have passed the key levels so far. The information we all have access to on the real stats/data and the public background info so far, I believe there are only 5 QBs that can still pass BOTH the aforementioned tests (someone correct me if I'm missing anyone):

  1. Ricky Stanzi, Iowa (PASSED)

  2. Andy Dalton, TCU (Wonderlic unknown still)

  3. Greg McElroy, Alabama (PASSED)

  4. TJ Yates, UNC (Wonderlic unknown still, don't sleep on this name either...)

  5. Christian Ponder, FSU (Wonderlic unknown still)

  6. The only QB's of the 5 listed above that are over 6'3 in height/are more prototypical physically for an NFL QB are = Stanzi and Yates.

Those QBs not making one or the other of the 26-27-60 or Parcells theory:

  • Newton, Mallett did not play as seniors, among other misses

  • Locker, Kaepernick can't pass the 60% Comp Pct rule, among other misses

  • Devlin, Tolzien, Potts were not 3 years starters, among other misses


It's coming -- the rise of Stanzi and Dalton in the media, and the subsequent decline of Newton, Locker, Gabbert and Mallett. Will Stanzi and Dalton jump ahead of the "Big-4"? I wouldn't put anything past the Raiders or Bengals, so I'd be afraid to lay money on it. I will bet that this may be the best, wildest ride of college QB draft debates and presents the most surprising actual selections that we have seen in a long, long time. Enjoy the ride!

At minimum, I propose that Stanzi should be recognized with the top 2011 QB prospects (in part because he is statistically and resume wise good enough to be mentioned with them, and in part because the media darling QB's are so flawed). Stanzi has the career record of winning and passing metrics achieved in a major conference that rivals and exceeds most of the current "big name" QB prospects. If I'm right about all this, Stanzi is going to slowly creep up the mock draft boards over the next few weeks. Stanzi may even wind up as a "shock" mock draft late 1st Round pick by the time the NFL Draft hits. Think that's crazy? Maybe you were buying Jimmy Clausen as the #1 mock draft pick according to many about this time last year, because he was at the top for many analysts early on -- and yet Clausen became a shock 2nd Round pick (lucky to even go there). How about Brady Quinn before that, he was a top-5 March/April mock pick at one time as well. How fast did the Joe Flacco train get rolling the last few days/weeks leading into the Draft; coming from 2nd-3rd-4th Round Mock pick to an actual #18 selection overall?

All I can add is that I agree Stanzi belongs in the conversation.  There is a challenge for the Panthers to pick him, however, in that we don't know how high he'll climb and (ahem) still no 2nd round pick available.