Thoughts on Matt Moore

Hello Panthers fans. Allow myself to introduce... myself. I'm a Miami Dolphins fan and a regular member of The Phinsider blog. I'm a North Carolina native and a graduate of Appalachian State University. While I'm a Dolphins fan, I still keep up with the Panthers and always hope they play well (especially Armanti Edwards for obvious reasons).

I am writing this post to get some feedback and thoughts on current Miami Dolphins quarterback Matt Moore. Moore stepped into the starting role when former starter Chad Henne injured his shoulder against the Chargers in week 4. He started out pretty rough, but played very well over the past few weeks. During Miami's little stretch of wins, he has posted some great numbers, in terms of QB rating, completion percentage, and yards per attempt. These numbers have been comparable to some of the best QBs in the game.

Moore's recent play has led to a rip-roaring debate on The Phinsider about the potential of Matt Moore to be an answer for Miami at the QB position. Miami has trotted out a plethora of forgettable quarterbacks since Dan Marino hung up the cleats. And at first, Moore looked like one of them. But in the last few games, he has produced some of the best numbers that Miami has had since Marino (sad commentary in and of itself).

There is a growing rift between fans on our site. There are those who think we should go forward with Moore as our starting QB. There are those who say draft a first round QB at all costs and don't care what happens to Moore. Then there are those like me, who think that we should draft a QB, even if we have to trade up, but are still intrigued with Moore because of what he has shown. Personally, I never thought he had a real chance to succeed here in Carolina due to the coaching situation with Fox and other reasons.

That's where you guys come in. I read this site daily and comment occasionally. I know you guys are just as passionate about the Panthers as those on The Phinsider are about theDolphins. So I want to get some inside information from you. The main thing I would like to know is: what are your general thoughts on Matt Moore? What did you think of how he played and how he led the team? Another thing I would like to know is how the situation in Carolina affected him last year. I read bits and pieces about what was going on, but you folks would know much more than I would. Do you think Moore's play was affected by the coaching issues? Was he ever really given a chance to develop as a QB?

I hope this isn't a total waste of your time but I would really appreciate any constructive thoughts and opinions on Matt Moore and the overall situation from last year. I really want to know what this fan base has dealt with so that I can present a more accurate case concerning Moore amongst Dolphins fans. The lack of a true franchise QB for the Dolphins is a sore point for just about every fan and any time QBs are brought up, the fan base becomes divided. This off-season, debates about Chad Henne drove people mad and I'm afraid that Matt Moore debates will end up the same way. I'm just looking for a little insight. Thank you.

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