Panthers Led League in Broken Tackles

In a complete and total shock, the team that had the most broken tackles in 2009 was none other than the Carolina Panthers

While fans of this oft-forgotten/ignored team are quite used to seeing players running over/through hapless defenders, it is nice to see that Football Outsiders' game charters have come to the same conclusion.

Note that there was often more than one tackle broken on a given play.

Update by Jaxon: Let's go ahead and graphically define the term "STIFF ARM". J-Stew will provide the demonstration. (This never gets old for me)

Whether it is Double Trouble pinballing through the defense, or #89 reminding a CB of the Rules and Regulations with a stiff-arm, fans are looking forward to the continued use of the Truck Stick (insert Madden Copyright here)  in 2010.

The Panthers were in the middle of the League on the other side of the ball.

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