(Video) Carolina Panthers... I'm Gonna Miss You Dearly - @ChrisHarrisNFL


What's goin' on, Panther Nation?  You guys still with me?  I hope you are, because I'm definitely still with you...

Man...yesterday was a wild one.  I'm sorry if my situation put you through some stress.  Trust wasn't an easy day for me either.  With all the ups and downs of the day, I felt like I was riding the Intimidator aaaaaall over again.

Before I get to the meat of this message, I just wanna letcha know that I'm gonna miss all of you, dearly; and I don't plan on leaving you forever.  I'm still going to periodically hang with y'all on, because there's a great community here that I simply can't ever give up.

So here's the message I promised you on my Facebook Page and Twitter feed earlier this morning.  Sorry if the music got a little loud in the middle of the vid (Ha!).  I just wanted to drive home to you how "sweet" I think all of you are...

I love you, Panther Nation.  Let's always stay in touch...


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