Let's Help Heal the Hearts That Are Hurting In Haiti - Chris Harris

You guys wanna do something special and have a little fun while we're at it? ...I thought so ;-)

Let's lend a helping hand to all those who are suffering in Haiti.  They don't have running water, electricity is out all over the place, their homes are destroyed, and loved ones are either missing, injured, or lost forever.  It's really a sad, sad situation.

If you're like me, you've been glued to CNN watching this awful tragedy unfold, and have also noticed that you can bring a little relief to the area, $10 at a time, by texting "Haiti" to "90999."  For those who haven't heard about this donation procedure... all you have to know is that when you send the text I just referenced, $10 is added to your cell phone bill.  I really don't think they could have made the process any easier.

I have full confidence that you guys are gonna step up to the line and give Haiti everything you can - it really is a personally rewarding act of kindness that will make you feel pretty good about yourself.  With that said, I still wanna see if I can do a little something for you to make your generosity even more rewarding...

If you'll visit, click on "Upload," click on "Record from Webcam," capture yourself texting "Haiti" to "90999" and receiving your confirmation text, and then messaging your video's link to my "ChrisHarrisNFL" inbox,  I'll send you a nice little envelope with my autograph in it.  I know the autograph is nowhere near as valuable as your monetary donation, but having to lend a helping hand to people in need is never a fun thing to do, so I figured an autographed card might be able to bring a smile to our otherwise heavy hearts.

BRING IT, Y'ALL!!!  I know you've got it in you!  Let's help heal those hearts that are hurting in Haiti by taking three seconds to send a simple text. 

You guys are too cool -- I can't wait to start receiving links to your videos in my YouTube inbox!

(NOTE: The autograph offer ends January 24, 2010.)


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