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Eagles Demolish Panthers 38-10

I really just want to go to bed and hope tomorrow comes and I have forgotten this debacle of a start. I would never have imagined that the Panthers would play worse then the infamous playoff meltdown last January but they did. They scored fewer points and committed more turnovers, a whopping 7 turnovers. Throw in giving up a punt return for a TD and you have fan base in disbelief. Well not everyone is in disbelief.

The Jake Haters are sure to be very vocal this week and I have to admit I'm starting to listen. Delhomme has now thrown 9 INT's in his last two games. How bad would he have to play next weekend against the Falcons to lose his job? Would only 3 INT's be good day for him? Nothing short of a win in Atlanta would set off panic in Charlotte and for good reason.

More ranting after the jump...

Though I think Delhomme started the downhill slide he wasn't alone in his miserable play. The offensive line struggled, the kick coverage sucked out loud and the defense couldn't contain the scrambling McNabb. How can an offense open with a 9 minute drive for a TD and then get completely shut down from there? How can very other team hit the check down guy under pressure yet we can not?

One flaw in Delhomme's game that became very apparent in this game is his lack of mobility. Jake rarely moves around in the pocket making him a sitting duck. Pass rushers are running to a spot on the field and he is usually there. He did have one nice scramble in the 1st quarter but then he turned into a statue. Eagles DE Trent Cole was just eating up our pass protection by moving around into different spots and the Panthers seemed unable to take advantage of the what the Eagles were giving them.

I also have big concerns about the game planning from the offense. When I see pressure like what the Eagles are bringing I'm looking for the short passes to the flat or over the middle in the space vacated by the rushers. Either the Panthers didn't plan for it or Delhomme couldn't execute it. Either way were are screwed if this is what we are in store for week after week.

There was open bright spot and that was the play of RB DeAngelo Williams. Kudos to LB Jon Beason for a nice INT and good pursuit at times and overall I can't hang too much on the defense. They got no help from the offense after the 1st quarter and the punt return put the Eagles up by two scores. 

We will have more in-depth looks at what went wrong in this game but lets go ahead and use this post to get our rants out!