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Panthers First Cut Down Decisions Looming

The first roster cut down is Tuesday with at least 5 players getting their visit from the Turk. The first one is not that hard to do I imagine as going from 81 to 75 isn't that big a deal. I actually wonder why so few when you are going to make final cuts a week later.

So here's a list of players I think the 5 will come from:

Potential players to get cut Tuesday in no particular order:

OT Gerald Cadogan- didn't play against Ravens, cannot be a good sign

OT Gary Williams - Has been outplayed by Patrick Brown

C Keith Gray - Too many other options at center

LB Kelvin Smith - Panthers are way deep at LB and the play of J Leman hurts him too

WR Kevin McMahan- Doesn't seem to bring anything already on the roster ahead of him

DT Lonnie Harvey - Too slow out of the blocks; doesn't get off blocks

DT Lorenzo Williams - Didn't play against Ravens

S Paul Chiara - Signing of Kevin Kaesviharn assures his departure

CB DJ Clark - He hasn't done anything to warrant a serious look

So there's 9 options for 5 cuts. Is there anyone else you would add or take off the list?