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Former Panther OL Jeremy Bridges Channels Yogi Berra

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With former Panther offensive linemen Jeremy Bridges recent signing by the Redskins he had an interview with a number of classic quotes. I have to start with the one that cracked me up that is classic Yogi Berra-ish:

(When speaking about his two arrests in Carolina) "Things happen and I can't blame nobody but myself. If I wouldn't even have been in that situation then I wouldn't have been in the situation."

Well said Yogi, I mean Jeremy. I read the article mainly to see if he disparaged his time in Carolina at all but he actually owned up to the problems.

There were "some unfortunate things I been through in Carolina, besides the good field play. I had a lot left. The thing about Carolina is they kind of frown on off-field incidents. I was unfortunate to have two of them when I was there."

Yeah, if you want to punch someone and stay in Carolina you have to hit them on the field! Oh, am I bringing up a sore subject? I jest, I jest.

So Bridges will be competing for the starting RT spot. I thought Bridges played pretty well in his fill-in roles here. Not spectacular but adequate. Do you think if he wins the spot we might line up Julius Peppers at RDE that game? What does this say about the state of the Redskins o-line?