CSR Users Vote for Panthers 2nd Round Pick

This post addresses possibilities of what the Panthers may do with the 2nd round pick if Pep is not traded. 


What will we be looking at as for the draft?  With Pep still at RDE, the main spot of need seems to be DT.  Getting a player to provide solid DT depth and hopefully to help push/collapse the pocket will make our quality DE's even better.  As stated in a previous posting we hold the following picks:


2nd Round - #59

3rd - #93

4th - #124

5th - #155

6th - #189


Most of us have agreed that Raji, Jerry, and Hood will be gone by pick #59.  I like what I hear/read about Ron Brace, Fili Moala, and Dorrell Scott.  You can read a little about them here.  Picking up Brace would keep blockers off the LB's and allow them to run around and make a lot of plays.  Moala has a lot of ability and still has room for growth.  Scott had some very productive seasons ~50 tkls and 4 sacks as a So. and Jr, and he seems like the Panthers "type" of player. 


"He is a determined athlete who takes great pride in his leadership role, and is an emotional type who will not make the same mistake twice. Scott is a tireless worker in the training room and practices and takes pride in mentoring younger players."

Sen'Derrick Marks from Auburn scares me.  Although he may be in the same boat as Scott, on an underachieving team and not playing up to expectations.

DE Michael Johnson is also an interesting thought at #59 to groom for Pep's eventual departure, but he will also probably be gone by then.  I would guess that he is gone in the 1st round. 


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